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Sep 30 · 2 min read

This report tells the NEL latest development in the second half of September


Added the default value of the transaction selection box on the debugging page. When there is no contract selected or when there is no transaction in the contract, the current contract has no transaction record option.

Modified the font size of the output box

NELScan(NEO blockchain explorer) NEO3.0 version

Added NEO3.0 TestNet node selection

When the node is switched to neo3.0, the data request interface is uniformly modified to the neo3.0 interface.

According to the neo3.0 data, all the lists containing the transaction data are modified and judged, and the system is displayed when the input and output are empty.

According to the neo3.0 data, the transaction details page, the block details page, and the address details page are modified to be compatible with the new data structure.

The display of sender was added to the transaction details page.

The display of domain name service is hidden when the currently viewed node is neo3.0 TestNet

Node and background service

Tested server building neo3 development test environment

Deployed the node for neo3.

Developed a warehousing plugin for the official node that can log some data from the node into mongodb.

Modified the API to adapt to neo3 changes so that neo3 blockchain explorer can display the correct data.


New Economy Laboratory,The Biggest NEO Chinese Community

robbie wang

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New Economy Laboratory,The Biggest NEO Chinese Community

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