NNS Second Bi-weekly Report of November


NNS updates

Modified the CGAS dividends distribution policy, changed it to a claim-based distribution.NNC holders need to apply for the distribution and CGAS will be distributed collectively and regularly.

The development of NNS domain name DEX’s core function in the NEL wallet was completed.

The DEX adopts a fixed-price selling and buying model.

NNS ecosystem

O3 wallet is expected to officially launch CGAS exchange function (native) and NNS auction (mobile page plugin) function in mid-December

GAEX Exchange is developing how to apply NNS in their exchange.

NNS contract development

NNS DEX’s fixed-price-based domain name sales market contract RC version was finalized.

NNS background and API

The domain name bidding interface in the wallet added whether a domain’s status is on sale.

The domain name on sale list interface was added under the newly-added address in the wallet.

The already-traded domain name list interface was added under the newly-added address in the wallet.

The interface that views the details of domain names on sale was added in the wallet.

The info of whether a domain is on sale and its selling price was added to the search interface

New query address can extract NNC balance interface in NNS DEX Buy Price Market Contract

NNC balance statistics in the NNS DEX fixed price selling market contract.

NNS front-end

Fixed the bug that 10% of bid as the fee was shown to an auction- starter after the end of the auction.

Updated the domain name “transfer” function for more convenient operations.

Added new functions such as “sell”, “delist”, and “buy” .

Updated the “ CGAS Dividends distribution” function. Users need to apply for dividends. Dividends will be distributed within one week following your application.

NEL Browser

Added “sell” information in the domain name search function.

Added “Sell” prompt in domain name details, as well as new domain transfer history.