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bitFlyer and Brave Software announced a business partnership to develop wallets.

Brave Software International SEZC, which is a subsidiary of Brave Software, Inc., which provides the next-generation high-speed browser “Brave”, and which operates blockchain-related services, has signed a basic agreement regarding a business alliance with bitFlyer Co., Ltd.

The purpose of this business tie-up is to jointly develop a crypto asset (virtual currency) wallet function for both “Brave” users.

In addition, they will jointly start marketing activities with the aim of further popularizing crypto assets and blockchain technology and improving user convenience.

The New Economy interviewed a bitFlyer spokesperson.

ーWhat are you most looking forward to from Brave as you support its expansion into Japan?

Brave is gaining attention as a next-generation browser that emphasizes privacy, and in fact, I think its presence is increasing as it ranks high in app downloads in Japan.

At the same time, Brave has the aspect of a browser linked to the virtual currency (cryptographic assets) known as BAT, and we believe it will be a model case that demonstrates the new possibilities of virtual currency (cryptographic assets) by providing users with the opportunity to obtain and use virtual currency (cryptographic assets) in the extremely commonplace act of browsing.

The Company also believes that the “Bitcoin Settlement” introduced by Bic Camera and other companies in the past, and other virtual We have been working to make currency (crypto-assets) more accessible in our daily lives. Through future cooperation with Brave, we hope to make virtual currency (crypto-assets) more familiar to people.

Editor’s comment

The business partnership is intended to further strengthen the cooperation between bitFlyer, which in April began handling basic attention tokens (BAT), a cryptographic asset (virtual currency) that circulates on the Brave browser, according to the company.




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