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Blockchain game My Crypto Heroes will issue a governance token“MCH Coin”

My Crypto Heroes, a blockchain game run by double jump.toko, announced that it plans to start issuing the governance token ‘MCH Coin’ on November 9th at 12 pm.

The total number of “MCH Coins” will be 50 million and will be designed in accordance with the ERC-20 standard so that they can be used extensively both inside and outside of My Crypto Heroes.

The MCH Coin will be allocated 50% to the user community, 40% to development and operations, and 10% to marketing. By introducing “MCH Coin” as an incentive for contributors to our ecosystem, the company aims to revitalize the ecosystem and realize “user-oriented management”.

We interviewed Mr. Toshihito Wakao, Executive Director of My Crypto Heroes game.

ーHow can users get involved in the governance of our games by owning MCH Coin?

Currently, you can already be King of the Land Sector and set the Land Policy by owning the Land Sector. MCH Coin allows you to be involved in the governance of other parts of the ecosystem.

For example (1) Proposed changes to land revenue ratios in the GUM economy; (2) Ecosystem-related changes that affect MCH Coin; (3) Implementation priorities for upcoming game updates.

As for the first one, GUM is the in-game currency, and the percentage of GUM that disappears as a fee or is returned as rand income when traded, so there is a possibility of directly accessing the GUM economy and other major changes will incorporate user decisions.

Until now, decisions have been made on the development side, but in order to create a better ecosystem, we would like to incorporate decisions made by user governance.

ーWhat was the biggest factor in your decision to issue a governance token?

One of the biggest factors was the creation of a governance token as a means to achieve user-centered management. It’s a hybrid model that utilizes off-chain, but it’s also based on the fact that we’ve always pursued the nature of the blockchain.




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