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First in Japan FiNANCiE issues a club token at Shonan Bellmare, a soccer club team in Japan

FiNANCiE, a next-generation crowdfunding service using blockchain technology, issued a professional soccer club token for Shonan Bellmare, a Japanese professional soccer team, on January 21.

This is the first time in Japan that a professional soccer team has issued a club token.

Club tokens are issued and managed by the blockchain and have a quantity, like points.

The price goes up and down depending on the token holders, the supporters, buying and selling the tokens, so the token value may increase in the future when the number of supporters increases.

This means that the club tokens will be a way for supporters to show their support from the beginning. It will also motivate supporters to continue to support the team, which is a new form of support.

This is a new form of support, as it motivates supporters to continue supporting the team. (This club token mechanism is different from legal crypto assets.

The tokens will also give supporters the right to participate in the club’s polling events, apply for exclusive events and limited edition goods, etc.




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