A New Reading Interface

An interface that leverages keyboard navigation

I designed a new interface for the Atlas Review Issue 6, a literary magazine of poetry, fiction and essays. The interface is built with reveal.js, a popular HTML presentation framework, with a good amount of customization.

The decision to use reveal.js came serendipitously. The editor had the idea to release Issue 6 as “episodes as if of a Netflix show”, which instantly reminded me of the overview that reveal.js would provide.

The “overview”

You can see this issue live: episode 1, episode 2. It remains a work in process as I maintain an active log of bugs and cross-browser issues. In the future, I plan on having two sprints for:

  1. packaging up the build process, and
  2. developing a workflow for the editor and the developer so that we can function as a team and distribute tasks better.