Help me welcome back Mail Pilot!

Alex Obenauer
May 1, 2018 · 4 min read

Today has been years in the making. We’ve got a few major things to share with you — from the free Mail Pilot 3 Public Preview, to the opening of the Yacht Club community, and more. So, let’s get started.

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Come join the community. 👋

The Mail Pilot Yacht Club is a new and growing community of the biggest fans of Mail Pilot and of great, innovative software. Members get Mail Pilot Discovery Edition — home to all of our ideas on the future of email. Join to take part in the Yacht Club-exclusive Slack community where we discuss Mail Pilot and the future of email, host watch parties for Apple keynotes and the like, chat with the YC community in ‘random’ channels for discussions on topics like productivity or development, host office hours, and offer priority support. Members keep the latest numbered versions of Mail Pilot for life, and all Mail Pilot apps and upgrades are included.

Be sure to come say “Hi” in the #general channel in Slack when you join! 👋

Learn more & preorder your Yacht Club membership at half off »

Learn more about Mail Pilot Discovery Edition »

Please help me welcome Mail Pilot 3 to center stage. ⛵️

This is the best-ever execution on the innovative new workflow that Mail Pilot revolutionized email with. Reminders, unified lists, complete & incomplete, set aside, and more, all have found their best home yet.

Mail Pilot 3 “Carbon Fiber” was designed and architected with the future in mind: it’s a solid foundation that doesn’t hog your machine’s resources, syncs super fast, and lets you interact with your email without thinking about the app.

Mail Pilot’s producitvity-boosting features become second nature in no time with the incredibly natural interactions we’ve packed into Mail Pilot 3. Check it out for yourself today:

Learn more & download the Public Preview »

Preorder to get half off & download the Public Preview »

We’re reimagining email. All over again.

We’re doing a lot more than just opening the Public Preview and preorders. We’re unveiling our vision of the future of email.


Mail Pilot 3 “Carbon Fiber” for macOS

  • Mail Pilot 3 is the foundation. It’s the best-ever execution on Mail Pilot’s original reimagination of email with complete & incomplete, reminders, lists, set aside, and more.
  • It’s all-native, written entirely in Swift. It’s insanely performant and light on resources.
  • The Public Preview is now freely available, and you can preorder it for half off for a limited time.

Mail Pilot Discovery Edition for macOS

  • Mail Pilot Discovery Edition is our vision of the future of email. It contains a massive, new reimagination of the future of email with a suite of new features designed to champion undiscovered focus, control, and productivity in your life.
  • It’s built on top of a solid foundation: Mail Pilot 3!
  • We’re unveiling it now, and preorders open today — also with a 50% discount.



  • Mail Pilot’s original reimagination of email introduced these features, now integral to the most productive workflow ever to tame the inbox.
  • You’ll find it in all Mail Pilot apps.


  • Mail Pilot’s latest reimagination of email champions undiscovered focus, control, and productivity in your life.
  • You’ll find it exclusively in Mail Pilot Discovery Edition.


Mail Pilot Yacht Club

  • The Yacht Club is a new and growing community of Mail Pilot’s biggest fans. Membership includes access to Discovery Edition (plus all the numbered versions of Mail Pilot), a YC-exclusive Slack community where we discuss not just the product but also host watch parties for Apple keynotes and the like, priority support, and more.
  • Preorders open today and get you into the Slack community immediately, Mail Pilot 3 to keep forever starting with the Public Preview today, Mail Pilot Discovery Edition when it launches, and priority support in the #support Slack channel.

Finally, thanks for bringing Mail Pilot back with me.

Read the pre-launch article about why Mail Pilot is coming back now:

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