Meet Throttle’s new developer & co-owner

Big news to share on the future of Throttle — it’s “moving out of the parent’s house,” thanks to a new owner.

My good friend, and spectacular software engineer Kevin Cupp is coming on board as a co-owner of Throttle, which will now be a Mindsense subsidiary.

DBesides being a fantastic software engineer, Kevin is the biggest Back to the Future fan you’ll ever meet.

Kevin will be — and already has been — focused first on the service’s performance and stability. Expect to see a number of updates in that area. In fact — he’s already made the service more stable with some critical updates last week (look out for an article on the engineering notes from him soon), and he shipped a new Firefox extension for Quantum users (as well as updates for all of the browser extensions).

After that, Kevin and I will work together to figure out the best ways to drive Throttle forward, and how to continue driving innovation in a space that email users have needed for years. We’ve been exchanging thoughts on this for some time, and once we have the opportunity, Kevin is looking forward to moving Throttle forward in 2018.

Kevin has been excited about Throttle since we first came up with it. He was one of the first people I shared it with, and he actually helped us develop the hardest part of the iOS app — the Safari extension.

He is a natural fit to lead the product development of Throttle because he brings so much energy and passion for the product, its technology, and what it all means in people’s lives.

As a daily user of Throttle since before it even launched into a beta, he has lots of ideas of what he — as a user — would love to happen with the Throttle service next, so you’ll start seeing his fingerprints come through soon.

Since I’ve known Kevin, I’ve always told him that I can’t wait to work with him because he is great at what he does, and we complement each other very well. It was always a “one day” scenario. Until now.

Friends, help me welcome the new co-owner of Throttle! You can find him on Twitter @kevincupp.




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Alexander Obenauer

Alexander Obenauer

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