What happened to Mail Pilot?

Every week, I get a handful of emails asking, “How can I download Mail Pilot?”

Unfortunately, you can’t download it right now. But fortunately, you’ll be able to… soon!

Truth be told, I was never that happy with Mail Pilot 2 for Mac. We didn’t take our time to really design it right; the release largely happened in order to rebuild the app on top of the more stable core engine we had built for Mail Pilot 2 for iOS (which was a release I am still extremely proud of — we took a ton of time to design and develop just the right interface). It included some visual updates that were meant to make it visually distinct from version 1, although many of those changes were, I believe, largely unpolished and could have used a lot more refinement. Development was also rushed, which led to quite a few odd bugs, particularly in the interface.

Of course, none of that would be obvious to the casual observer: it was featured on the front page of the Mac App Store, and lauded in reviews. It may have met a bar set by others, but it definitely did not meet our bar. And it always bothered me.

Until now.

This year, I’m finally going to do something about it — 2 years after the release of Mail Pilot 2 for Mac.

Meet Mail Pilot 3.

If you want to join the Public Preview, sign up here and stay tuned for release over




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Alexander Obenauer

Alexander Obenauer


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