Tennessee’s local front pages from today, September 20. From Newseum’s Front Pages.

Why I’m Subscribing To My New Local Newspaper

And why you need to subscribe to yours.

You’re not paying for journalism; you’re paying for accountability. You’re paying for democracy. One of the key pieces to keeping our democratic system alive is the accountability that only full-time journalists bring.

You’re paying for a fairer, more consistent, corruption-free local government. Want to make sure your local city isn’t corrupt? Want to know exactly how your council members voted? Want to know who they are in business with, and how that relates to their votes? You pay a news organization for that. You’re not paying for a newspaper, you’re paying for a better city. Your city, better.

A free and independent city requires a free and independent press.

If we aren’t paying for our local press, who is?

For more on this topic, look no further than John Oliver’s episode on the topic.