Charles Arthur at The Overspill:

In his meta-analysis of the Android-iOS landscape, Benedict Evans estimated that there are 150m–200m Google Android tablets in use, and perhaps another 200m “naked Android” (no Google services) in China. For comparison, he reckons there are about 250m active iPads, of varying sizes.
The key difference is that Apple’s iPad sells for way more than Lenovo’s (or Samsung’s). The ASP for all iPads in the latest quarter was $490, and it has never fallen below $400. Sure, you can argue that the iPad is overpriced, but you can also expect that as long as it keeps selling, Apple will get the profit it needs to encourage it to keep going.
The other point: if you can make a profit selling tablets, you won’t be able to improve them, or market them seriously.
Compare that with Apple’s efforts, where its True Tone screen (on the 9.7in iPad Pro) is likely — certain, really — to come to the new iPhones later this year. But in the tablets first. Lenovo can push — but only because it has the PC division. The tablets, have been dragging it down.
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