Zoom in, YouTube seek, and more

The team is working hard on a big version with some awesome new features. Along the way, they were able to deliver some great optimizations and fixes.

Small Features

  • Zoom in/out — Now you can zoom in and out on shared presentations, PDF’s, images and even a shared screen both in your self paced courses as well as in your virtual classrooms. The zoom position is individual to each user. While you are zoomed in, the annotation tools are disabled.
  • YouTube seek — Click on the YouTube progress bar to jump ahead or back in the video you are playing. The play position is synched with everyone in the class.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Recording upload — Long recordings were sometimes getting stuck during their upload process due to their file size.
  • Screen share restart — Stopping and restarting screen share was failing to rebroadcast your screen.
  • Hidden menus — File menus in the self paced course were getting hidden by subsequent chapters.
  • Disable button clicks — Clicking disabled Add buttons in the Add course files to chapter pop-up was causing a loader to appear that blocked the screen.
  • Improved landscape view — We improved the mobile landscape view.

That’s it for now!

To dive in to the new features, jump over to newrow.com. We are excited to hear your feedback!