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COVID-19 Can’t Beat Showing Love for Mom

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, many people flocked to restaurants and florists for Mother’s Day

By Taelor Thornton

LOS ANGELES- About 20 people wearing face masks gathered outside of an IHop on West Slauson Avenue waiting for their takeout orders, while many more were inside doing the same this Mother’s Day.

Inside of the IHop, workers ran around trying to serve the customers, get orders out, and keep everything organized. At least 15 orders sat on tables waiting for someone to claim them, while twice as many orders were in line to be cooked.

One customer, Benjamin Pineda, had been waiting two hours for his order. “I ordered off of DoorDash at first, but then noticed my wife put the wrong number on the order,” said Pineda. “When my order hadn’t shown up or hadn’t even been picked up by the driver, I thought something went wrong and that they tried to contact me but couldn’t reach me.”

Around 11 am, Pineda went to the IHop searching for his order that was supposed to be ready by 9:41 am, according to his receipt email. When he got there, he was told his order was not ready yet. “I couldn’t believe it, especially after looking at all the orders they had made on the tables.”

Pineda waited 20 more minutes for his order, while others there decided not to wait and get a refund.

For restaurants, Mother’s Day is usually one of the most celebrated days and this year is no different, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants like this IHop were swamped and backed up for hours with orders.

Customers lined the sidewalks for Mother’s Day flowers (Adobe stock photo)

With many people wanting to do something for their mothers, social distancing protocols were ignored. This was not only seen in Los Angeles but also in other states.

A restaurant in Colorado was forced to close because the owners didn’t follow social distancing protocols, according to a story by Hollie Silverman and Gregory Lemos for CNN.

A video shot and posted by Nick Puckett for Colorado Community Media showed a crowd of mostly unmasked people standing and sitting close together inside the C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen, a Cookies and Crema Company in Castle Rock, while there was a long line outside the restaurant.

The restaurant allowed customers to drink coffee and eat breakfast burritos at the tables. Before the restaurant reopened on Mother’s Day, the owners tweeted on Saturday, “We are standing for America, small businesses, the Constitution and against the overreach of our governor in Colorado!!”

The Tri-County Health Department forced the restaurant to close the following day and told CNN that they were disappointed in this business.

Not only were restaurants busy, but flower shops also had long lines leading outside the shop. On April 27, flower shops were among the businesses that were allowed to reopen just in time for Mother’s Day for curbside pickup across Los Angeles county.

“God, I think I went around 7 am to the flower shop near my mom’s house” Ryan Anderson Jr., a 25-year old student at Cypress College. “I waited 30 minutes at the shop, but when I was leaving there was a line out the door.”

In L.A.’s famed Flower District, lines of customers up to 20 people deep along the sidewalks hoping to buy flowers for Mother’s Day. Most of them wore masks but some did not, according to LAist.

Mother’s Day showed how much people cared about their mothers and getting the best gift they could. Also, people are getting tired of the social distancing and stay-at-home order.

More people are going out as more businesses like flower shops reopen. People have started to rebel against the stay-at-home by going out and disregarding the Coronavirus protocols. Many have started protesting in Orange County.

“There are more people out on the road” a healthcare worker, Tierre Wilson said in a telephone interview. “It took me an hour and a half to get home from work around 5 pm yesterday [Monday] when, during this shutdown, it usually would take me 45 minutes,” said Wilson.

One Santa Clara University student who resides in Sacramento was not in a hurry to go out. “I think the people that are not following the stay-at-home order are being extremely selfish and self-absorbed,” said Julia MacIntyre. “Yes this is incredibly inconvenient and annoying, but we have to listen to health officials.

“Even if there’s a slight chance somehow that the steps we’re taking aren’t helping, it’s still worth listening to them [health officials] to keep people from dying and stop the disease from spreading,” said MacIntyre.

As more time passes under shelter-in-place orders with no end date, actions seen on Mother’s day may become the norm.




Stories produced by Santa Clara University community Journalism students during the Covid-19 Spring of sheltering in place.

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