Please stop shoving Hillary down our throats, there are other candidates we’d like to have a taste of

As you might have noticed election campaigns in the US are in full swing, providing plenty of material to work with for Trevor Noah of The Daily Show and the likes. This election is going to make the US or break it. What pains me most is the way traditional media is covering this.

You might know that recently Joe Biden has announced that he is not going to join the race for presidency. Having seen him earlier this year on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show it’s not hard to see why. We are all human and Joe has been having tough time loosing his son, so the decision not to try to apply for the snake (read congress) charmer only seems natural. Especially with considerable amount of pressure he has had about his possible campaign. You’d almost want to take him by the hand and shield from media vultures chanting “run for president, run for president”. Although I am sure he has people doing it for him.

As much as many of us sighed quietly, there are other democratic candidates to choose from. Although mainstream media might not agree with me, considering how Hillary is dominating headlines. See for example this tweet from New York Times:

The fact that Joe has announced his decision not to run does not give Hilary an automatic boost, Bernie Sanders is still very much in the race too. I don’t know how you people (yes, you CNN) calculate your polls, but Bernie was the most tweeted, the most Facebook mentioned and the most googled candidate during the recent Las Vegas debate. Yet, according to CNN Hilary won the debate.

I should also mention that Bernie has raised over $26 million for his campaign on donations averaging at $200. Imagine the ACTUAL support he is receiving? Also, not taking money from huge corporations means there won’t be any need for returning favors if he comes to power.

Hilary has undoubtedly a lot working for her — her experience in a White House as a first lady, her experience as a Secretary of State, her super polished answers and adjusted accents depending on the state she is in, her super charming husband Bill and the fact that US might finally get their first female president (I’m going to expand on this some other time). In a recent debate she mentioned a lot of groups that she “pissed off” — NRA, pharmaceuticals, Wall Street etc. Apparently she pissed them off so much, half of Wall Street seems to be on her top contributor’s list. She also mentioned that she went to Wall Street in a midst of a crisis and told them stop. Well, that’s great, but I somehow picture a very serious Hillary walking into the room, shaking her finger angrily at financial crime aficionados, then slamming the door as she walks out. After a min of silence the naughty giggle spreads around the room. I’m sorry, but it’s exactly how I picture it. If that’s what she is planning to do when she becomes a president, I don’t think a lot would be achieved.

Another factor working against Hilary, at least in my opinion, is the association with old system. To me, Hilary doesn’t actually represent change and the fact that she is female doesn’t cut it. Everything she is saying is carefully written to make sure she reflects on what would click with voters, not necessary meaning it. The best shot for seeing any change after 2016 elections is either to elect a republican president or Bernie Sanders. The choice is yours, America.