The Future of Biogames

Great games are about emotional connection. What if games lived along side us, persistently sensing us and adjusting based on how we feel?

We are at the cusp of a technological disruption, which will create unimaginable insights from behavioral data. This year we will have almost 5 billion connected sensors, called IoT or ‘Internet of Things’, integrated into our daily lives. (Gartner research) We are merely scratching the surface of this data iceberg by tracking our steps and sleep patterns.

When the number of IoT reaches 50 billion in 2020, we will see pervasive motion tracking, face recognition, heart rates, respiratory rates, and just maybe, non-invasive glucose measurement.

Smart Watches and smart thermostats will lead to wearable body-sensing coaches and personal nutrition tracking refrigerators. The patterns and algorithms we will construct from this data will not only be tuned to our behaviors, but give us a snap shot of our emotional state.

All of this is leading to a critical moment in the future of game development. A game engine that knows how you feel, would have enormous power to effect change. This powerful biometric data should be gamified to inspire.

Biogames that empower you.
Our beta game, played with your heart rate.

Biogames will guide our learning, the awareness of our health, and give us new focus on the things in life we care about. It is clear to me, that the behavioral effectiveness of game design in the age of quantified self, will rely on it’s alignment to our emotional needs. Let’s make sure we do it right.

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