Trust, Accountability and Transparency in Newsrooms and Beyond

Why the News Integrity Initiative is supporting MuckRock and DocumentCloud’s merger and expansion

  • MuckRock for filing, tracking, and sharing public records requests;
  • DocumentCloud for hosting, analyzing, and publishing primary documents;
  • FOIA Machine for helping users manage requests they’ve filed themselves;
  • oTranscribe for securely and simply transcribing audio and video; and
  • QuackBot is a Slack chatbot that performs tasks useful to reports, editors and news reporters.
Outlier Media uses GroundSource’s mobile messaging to help level the playing field for low-income renters and would-be homebuyers in Detroit.
“Our society today is defined by plastic. It’s difficult to get through a day without it.” — from “A Hundred Million Invaders: NY/NJ Baykeeper’s War on Microplastic” by Konstantin Kakaes. Design by Primer Stories.



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