This Is Where Liberals Have Gotten Us
Marco Rubio

Where are the Solutions?

Conservatives continue to blame “liberal policies” but have zero alternatives.

Marco Rubio tries to explain where liberals have gotten us over the last seven years. I’d like to pose a different question to him — what have conservatives done for America, ever? They are constantly on the wrong side of history on every issue, both economic and social.

Rubio says that his party needs solutions to the current problems that we face in the United States. However, he fails to specify any type of policy that he would pursue. I’d also like to see how he comes to the conclusion that Americans were better off — “by every measure” — before President Obama took office. The economy was in complete free-fall then and unemployment was skyrocketing before the start of the President’s first term. President Obama was very proactive when he entered office and passed his stimulus package which had an almost immediate effect on slowing job losses and picking up the economy. Tax cuts were also a big part of that package. Since the reversal of job losses into gains, we have seen 62 straight months of private sector job growth.

Marco Rubio also suggests that the President has “taken over health care”. Again, that is a stretch. Insurance companies are still part of the process in health care. The government merely provides an online marketplace where citizens can pick and choose plans. The government then subsidizes the costs based on income. Us liberals would have much preferred a single payer system where nobody would have to worry about being able to afford health coverage. What we got, instead, was an idea championed by Republicans and conservatives years ago. What has Obamacare accomplished since it’s been enacted? Well, we have seen the lowest uninsured rate in a very long time with under 12% of Americans without health insurance. The Department of Health and Human Services estimated that over 16 million Americans have gained insurance through the help of Obamacare. The uninsured rate could drop even farther if stubborn Republican governors would agree to expand medicaid coverage in their state. Repealing Obamacare, as proposed by some Republican presidential candidates, would negatively affect a huge chunk of the population and is a death sentence for politicians now.

So, I ask Marco Rubio — what are your solutions to bring the employment-to-population rate higher? We have a lot of structural issues with the economy, such as an aging population and technological advancements that are contributing to the lower rate of employment. These are difficult problems. And I’m waiting on a Republican to put forward some ideas. If the solution is lower taxes, reduced spending, and less regulation, I will be severely disappointed in the party. Mr. Rubio, you cannot claim to be the candidate of the New America and propose the same tired ideas.

I’m listening.