Welcom’ to Paris : a summary

Here is a short summary of our publication and the articles that compose it.

We are three friends, Parisian and travelers, and we changed our lives by starting a project of a new kind.

Now you have a friend in Paris

It all started with that article.

The beginning of the project, after spending time to welcome travellers in Paris. Here’s what we did, how and why.

“I am a part of all those I have met” Gamzesaba, from Istanbul

Because, you know what ?

Paris is more than monuments.

There are also people who live there.
Through the example of two videos, we show that there are two different Paris.

It’s a matter of “touristic Paris” vs “real Paris”. 
Stones and art vs vivid neigborhoods ;
The Eiffel Tower vs restaurants and bars ;
The tourist areas vs the places Parisians go to.

But in the end, who are the ones who care ?

The difference between a traveller and a tourist

We are not talking here about the definition of the dictionary, but about what we feel when we travel and when we speak with curious travellers.

Indeed, the difference is : a traveller is active, while a tourist is passive.

It means that for us, tourism is a thing from the past, when travelling is a serious matter.

Our way to travel : curiosity, respect, effort.

Tourists stand out of the local culture, while a traveller dives in it.

For us, a traveller is respectuous of the other, is curious and open minded, and does his/her homework (preparation for the trip).

And we want to improve all similar travellers’ travel experiences ! The Welcom’ team

How do we make that happen ?

Meet Parisians and discover Paris with them

That’s what we propose to you, travellers from around the world.

The goal is simple : help you travellers to meet a Parisian that will make you discover his/her neighborhood or favourites places.

How ?

Search, book, enjoy !

We have determined that the most effective way to do this is to build an internet platform, an online community where travelers can find welcomers.

Oh, and who are the welcomers ? They are simply Parisians travellers that are home between two trips.

Our ambition : shifting Paris from the most touristic city on Earth to the most welcoming city on Earth

And when will it be open ?

Welcom’ to Paris is coming !

We’re currently working on it. Day and night.

A website for travellers, by travellers.

If you’re interested by the release, feel free to register on our waiting page : http://www.welcom.city

From Paris with love,

JB, Julien and Yohann, the Welcom’ team

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