Junior Project Managers at News UK

Umer Ehsan
May 28 · 8 min read
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1) Give a quick intro to you, your team and what you’re working on?

Manisha Singh (MS): Hi, I’m Manisha and I work on the MAIN (Monetisation, Access & Identity at News) Programme. It’s a busy time for us as we’re migrating our existing platform over to the new platform, whilst delivering new features for our friends on Times, Sun and Wireless — so there are exciting times ahead!

2) What were you doing before you joined News UK?

MS: Before I joined News UK, my experience was a mixture of working in Project management, I.T and coaching. I became highly interested in Agile and Scrum practices as I saw the difference they made in empowering teams to produce results, encourage open communication and deliver high quality products.

3) How did you find your way to News UK and/or the Junior PM role?

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“When an opportunity came up to join News UK Tech, I grabbed it with ALL fours.”

JE: Being a PA has very similar characteristics of Project Managers as you are always planning a number of weeks ahead, checking and chasing on issues and being the key point of contact for the team. Over the last few months, I have been learning from other project managers by shadowing a number of teams to see how each area operates. This has been such a valuable experience as I have been able to pick and choose ideas from my experienced colleagues to use within my own team.

4) What has been your experience so far as a Junior PM?

MS: Everyone in the delivery community and my team has been nothing but supportive and encouraging towards my journey so far. I’ve met some incredible and inspiring people along the way that have guided me and I’ve managed to achieve things that I didn’t think were possible. Since coming on board, I’ve tried to say “YES” to things that I’m scared of and I’ve found that sometimes that’s the best way of learning new things and facing some of your fears.

5) What do you like most about working for News UK Tech so far?

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“The thing I like most about my role is helping teams to evolve and grow. It’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of that journey and process.”

AS: I like walking into the building! On a serious note, the people I have had the pleasure of interacting with across the various disciplines have been stellar. The willingness to collaborate and offer a helping hand is to be commended. The role offers a platform to learn in a supportive environment where one is encouraged and empowered to take bold action. The perfect mix in my opinion.

“The role offers a platform to learn in a supportive environment where one is encouraged and empowered to take bold action.”

JE: News UK, and Technology in particular, is an amazing place to work. Everyone here is really keen for you to excel and without everyone’s support this career change would have been a lot harder. There is a real sense of community especially within the delivery community, which makes my role a lot easier as there is always someone around to ask advice from.

6) What have you been doing to make the most of lockdown?

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7) What’s your go-to recipe for satisfying a craving during lockdown?

MS: I’ve been making the absolute most out of Dominos deliveries in lockdown — Shout out to Dominos, our pizza heroes!

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8) What are you missing most about being in the office? And what are you loving most about remote working?

MS: I get a lot of energy from being around people, social gatherings and having fun, so I do miss everyone in the office very much. But I also now love having that extra quiet time to really sit down, focus and come up with new ideas — classic ambivert!

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