Morning Headlines for Wednesday, June 17, 2015


“Head of hacked U.S. agency says problems ‘decades in the making”

“The head of a U.S. agency that fell victim to cyber attacks defended its performance on Tuesday against withering criticism from lawmakers furious about a breach that compromised the personnel files of millions of federal workers.”


“New York appeals court hears argument over grand jury records in chokehold death”

“A New York state appeals court heard arguments on Tuesday over unsealing minutes of a grand jury that declined to indict a white New York police officer in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man.”


“Rupert Murdoch hands Fox CEO job to son James”

“Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox said Tuesday its board approved a shakeup that puts the 84-year-old tycoon’s son James in the chief executive job effective July 1.”


“Sony fails to dismiss lawsuit over ‘Interview’ data hacking”

“A U.S. judge rejected Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit by nine former employees who claimed their personal data was stolen in a 2014 hacking tied to the studio’s release of a comedy set in North Korea, ‘The Interview.’”

Washington Post

“Taliban in Afghanistan tells Islamic State to stay out of country”

“The Taliban has warned the Islamic State to stay out of the conflict in Afghanistan, declaring that the fight against the country’s Western-backed government and the push for strict Islamic rule should be undertaken ‘under one flag and one leadership.’”

Al Jazeera America

“Robotics revolution rocks Chinese textile workers”

“Last year, the Chinese Communist Party, with the expectation to save billions of dollars in efficiency and labor costs, launched new subsidy schemes on a national scale for technology upgrades. Hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers toiling in factories in the southeast of the country will likely be adversely affected.”

Al Jazeera America

“U.N. panel calls for major overhaul of peacekeeping operations”

“United Nations peacekeeping forces are slow to respond to crises, have inadequate resources to make a significant difference, and have too often been tasked with being the front line for solving intractable political conflict, a U.N. panel said on Tuesday, in the first such review of peacekeeping operations in more than a decade.”

Al Jazeera America

“NASA data shows global groundwater depletion”

“In over half of the world’s largest aquifers, water is being drawn faster than it is being replenished, while some of those wellsprings may be much smaller than previously assumed, according to two studies released on Tuesday.”


“Japan posts sharp drop in May trade deficit, exports weak”

“Japan posted a $1.75 billion trade deficit in May, a dramatic fall from a year earlier due to a drop in energy imports, but still not enough to offset lackluster shipments overseas, official data showed Wednesday.”

New York Times

“Suleyman Demirel, former prime minister of Turkey, dies at 90”

“Suleyman Demirel, who served seven times as Turkey’s prime minister, dominating the nation’s politics when the country struggled with violence, economic stagnation and military rule, died early Wednesday in Ankara, Turkey. He was 90.”

Associated Press

“Ex-AIG CEO still wants damages in bailout case, will appeal”

“The former chairman and CEO of insurer AIG says he still believes he’s entitled to damages as a result of the government’s 2008 bailout of the company, and will appeal a court’s ruling against him.”


“Australia and China sign bumper free trade deal”

“Australia and China signed a landmark trade deal Wednesday after a decade of talks, providing a boon for growth and jobs by abolishing tariffs across a raft of sectors.”

Al Jazeera America

“Senate passes amendment to ban torture as U.S. policy”

“The Senate passed a measure Tuesday aimed at ensuring that the United States never tortures detainees again. The Senate voted 78 to 21 to approve a defense bill amendment that bans torture. It was introduced by Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.”


“Palestinian split widens with government set to quit”

“The Palestinian unity government was said to be on the brink of resigning Wednesday in a deepening rift with Gaza as its de facto rulers Hamas hold separate, indirect talks with Israel.”

Associated Press

“Swiss AG: 53 possible money-laundering cases in FIFA probe”

“Banks in Switzerland have reported 53 possible acts of money-laundering in the investigation of FIFA’s 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding contests, the country’s attorney-general said Wednesday.”

Associated Press

“U.N.: Spread of MERS in South Korea isn’t global emergency”

“The World Health Organization says the spread of a mysterious virus from the Middle East to South Korea doesn’t merit being declared a global emergency despite infecting more than 160 people in the biggest outbreak outside the Arabian peninsula.”


“China deports British investigator, wife in GSK case”

“A British corporate sleuth and his American wife and business partner, both linked to a bribery scandal in China involving drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline PLC, were deported on Wednesday after their jail terms were reduced this month.”


“Apple loses Taiwan anti-competitive practices court case”

“The island’s Fair Trade Commission had previously levied the fine against the Silicon Valley firm for requiring its major Taiwan telecom partners to receive approval for pricing plans for its wildly popular iPhone series in advance of public release, in violation of Taiwanese law.”

Associated Press

“North Korea says it has been hit by worst drought in 100 years”

“North Korea says it has been hit by its worst drought in a century, resulting in extensive damage to agriculture. The official Korean Central News Agency said the drought has caused about 30 percent of its rice paddies to dry up. Rice plants normally need to be partially submerged in water during the early summer.”


“Greece will likely exit euro, EU without bailout deal: central bank”

“The Greek central bank warned Wednesday that if Athens fails to reach a bailout deal with its international creditors it would lead to a default and the country’s likely exit from the eurozone and the EU.”


“Pope criticizes nations that close doors to migrants”

“Pope Francis on Wednesday called for respect for migrants and suggested that ‘people and institutions’ who close doors to them should seek forgiveness from God.”


“Haitians scramble to avoid deportation from Dominican Republic”

“Thousands of Haitian undocumented immigrants lined up outside government offices in the Dominican Republic Tuesday racing a deadline to register with the authorities or face deportation.”

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