The Fracas Over Nijjar Killing In Canada

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The Fracas Over Nijjar Killing In Canada
Lt Gen Prakash Katoch">

The controversy over who killed Haradeep Singh Nijjar, chief of Khalistan Tiger Force, in Canada on June 18, 2023 is lingering on with the US now siding with Canada under shadow of the ‘Five Eyes’ arrangement. The video of the killing shows Nijjar being attacked by hooded youth, apparently Sikhs, from more than one direction. No arrests have reportedly been made by Canada and neither has any “credible” evidence been provided as claimed by Canadian President Justin Trudeau.

What has caused Trudeau to rake up this issue after so many months is not difficult to understand. The video clip of Justin Trudeau sitting next to the POTUS Joe Biden and trying to match his lip movement with what a ventriloquist says is ludicrously revealing. It proves beyond doubt that Trudeau is a pooch of Washington, perhaps the blue-eyed favourite at this point of time.

The main reason behind the ruckus is the recent G20 Summit under India’s presidency. The US wanted Russia to be condemned for invading Ukraine in what they term the Russo-Ukraine War. But actually, this is America’s war on Russia using Ukraine as proxy; the US-NATO first posing an existential threat to Russia, which forced the latter to launch cross-border special operations inside Ukraine. The Delhi Declaration did not tow the US line.

In addition, the US has been ensuring that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses every international forum since the war in Ukraine. This too was not permitted at the G20 Delhi Summit. Looking at the grinning photos of Biden during the summit, he perhaps did not take all this seriously. But on his return to Washington, he must have been gingered up by the ‘deep state’ to get his act together and seize this opportunity to “tame” India.

Biden may have been reminded that when Zelensky met him in December 2022, he had told India referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, “He (Putin) thought he could break NATO, he thought he could break the West, he thought he could break the alliance, he thought he could be welcomed by the Ukrainian people that were Russian speaking — he was wrong, wrong, and wrong.” It is a different issue that in his half-demented state Biden would have simply blurted out what the teleprompter told him to say. But for the US, India needs to be punished for daring to shield Russia.

This is why Biden’s officials are dancing the jig to the tune of his manipulators. NSA Jake Sullivan says India does not have any special exemption for operating on foreign soil and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the US government was actively engaged with India to “help” Canada complete this investigation. There is talk of Five Eyes having intelligence — perhaps similar to the fabricated intelligence that claims Ukraine has defeated Russia and Russia’s military capability has been reduced by 50 percent?

The arrival of artificial intelligence has made fabrication of so-called credible evidence so very easy. Using AI, it would not be difficult to show Trudeau sitting with chosen buddies and monitoring the killing of Nijjar (a la’ Obama overseeing the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan) perhaps because Nijjar was demanding too high a price for supporting Trudeau in elections? And who did Trudeau want to succeed Nijjar — American national GS Pannu who is calling out Indians to leave Canada?

India had sent full details of Nijjar’s terrorist activities to Canada in 2014 but Canada simply sat on it, doing nothing. Canada has also not handed over Noor Chowdhury who admitted he was one among the killers of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman in 1975. Award-winning journalist Stewart Bell wrote in his book ‘Cold Terror’ that Canada became an operational base of international terrorism long ago and by 1998 every terrorist group in the world was operating in Canada ().

Bell highlighted that Canada-based Babbar Khalsa was implicated in the bombing of Air India Flight 182 killing all 329 on board over Canada on June 23, 1985, plus the bomb planted in another Air India flight that killed two in Japan’s Narita airport, and the inquiry commission, headed by former Supreme Court Justice John C Major, concluded that a “cascading series of errors” by the Canadian Government, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) “allowed” the terrorist attack to take place. Bell also describes how India has suffered through years of Sikh terrorist violence originating in Canada and Canadian activities in Sri Lanka.

Yet the US-led West and the so-called Five Eyes will not blame Canada for breeding terror and demand its shut down. It is not just that the US is the biggest ‘practitioner’ of terrorism, but the basis of this western attitude goes back to the aftermath of WWII, when the US decided to develop a superlative white race (mirroring Hitler’s experiments) and instead of prosecuting the Nazi killer, welcomed them wholeheartedly with open arms. Canada remained most hospitable for all such war criminals, terrorists and assassins.

The fallout of welcoming the Nazis and experimenting in mixing blood with Anglo-Saxons is for all to see. One prominent example is the Nazi-Jew Zelensky; who is considered a ‘slur’ by Jews globally for ignoring the ‘holocaust’ perpetrated over Jews in WWII by Hitler in exterminating six million Jews. Despite this hard truth, Zelensky has been playing geopolitical prostitute for Washington. But there are many more neo-Nazis narcissist egomaniacs among US-NATO and EU leaders including Trudeau, as well as others like George Soros, Josep Borrell, Jens Stoltenberg and Victoria Nuland. Additionally, officials like Sullivan and Blinken have no option but suck.

Coming to Sullivan’s “silly” comment that India has no ‘special exemption’for operating on foreign soil, can this rat explain the following although there are many more such issues:

  • Canadian terrorists undertaking jihad in Kashmir, attacks in Punjab (India) and activities in Sri Lanka, as described by Stewart Bell.
  • US historian William Blum, who also worked in US State Department, writing, “Since 1945, US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments, many of them democratically elected; grossly interfered in 30 countries; bombed the civilian population of 30 countries; interfered in elections in 30 countries; used chemical and biological weapons; an attempted to assassinate foreign leaders. “In many cases Britain has been a collaborator”. Are these not horrific terrorist attacks?
  • The US in particular and in conjunction with NATO carrying out killings with impunity in foreign countries of individuals who they “assume” are terrorists. Where has this authority come from? Surely they can’t claim this right because they use gold-plated toilet paper? Or is it because no one has dared to question them?
  • Pakistan is the acknowledged epicenter of terrorism and the US has declared many Pakistanis “terrorists” and placed a price on their heads. Then why are the CIA and MI6 in bed with the ISI?

Ironically, some of our strategists are suggesting that India should deal with America softly despite knowing the US is behind the fracas. This would be a mistake similar to mollycoddling China by not naming it the aggressor in 2020, singing “not even one inch of territory lost in Ladakh” and now the defence minister squeaking from under his chair “we are ready to discuss Ladakh”.

The US is doing all this not only to pressure India but also to subjugate it to sign on the dotted line. Isn’t this why Julianne Smith, America’s permanent representative to NATO, is saying that NATO is ready for security talks with India but won’t pressure it? Does this dame think Indians don’t realize NATO wants India to become the Ukraine of the Indo-Pacific? Isn’t the western military assistance coming at exorbitant prices and in no way can be termed largesse, especially when critical state-of-the-art technology is not being transferred notwithstanding propaganda to the contrary?

Finally, the western cabal needs to be told in clear terms that if we want to kill terrorists waging war on India, our first priority is next door Pakistan. We have the right to do so on foreign soil — same as you. That is why we hit multiple terrorist pads inside Pakistan occupied Kashmir in 2019. So, get off the high horse, come down to mother earth and don’t try to divert attention from your fiasco in Ukraine with the Nijjar killing.

The author is an Indian Army veteran. Views expressed are personal.

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