NWC Weekly Report: 21–28 February

While this week’s correction was making most people very very worried, we’ve been hard at work on several major developments.

The two most important ones are the PancakeSwap listing, which is coming soon, and a complete redesign of all of our products. While both of these are very important, we’ll start with the PancakeSwap news, as it’s something you’ve probably been expecting if you’ve been following our updates.

The PancakeSwap trading pair for NWC will be opened very soon, so stay tuned for the official link to the pair, which will be published on our official social media pages. In the meantime, don’t attempt to buy NWC on PancakeSwap through any other links, as these are scam tokens posing as NWC.

Apart from PancakeSwap, we’re also working on a DeFi product that will enable all of our users to be their own bank, and we’re going to build it on Binance Smart Chain. We firmly believe that DeFi needs to be available to everyone, which is why the entry threshold posed by the current fees on Ethereum would be unacceptable. And with so many DeFi projects moving to BSC, we’re certainly in good company!

The second major announcement is the complete redesign of all of our products. This will include a redesigned user interface, but also comprehensive improvements to functionality on the mobile app, website, platform and mobile wallet. Essentially, we’re upgrading everything from the ground up, based on the feedback that we’ve received so far. The mobile app will be first in line, so stay tuned for the exact release date. You can see our new logo below, and for more details on the upgrade, check out our blog post here.

To incentivize our users to create more Community Predictions, we’ve decided to stick with a much higher reward pool, but we’ve tweaked it a bit, so that the rewards will be 3,000 NWC, 1,500 NWC and 500 NWC for the top three predictions.

This week’s Fundamental Analysis Report explored Balancer (BAL), an innovative Automated Market Maker protocol, while the Market Price Report covered Reserve Rights (RSR). The weekly CryptoReport was mainly about the recent correction across the markets, the NFT craze and new developments with the Ripple lawsuit, while the How-to Crypto section was about the basics of DeFi, focusing on practical tips and the essentials on how DeFi protocols work.

You can always reach us and ask aynthing here: https://t.me/NWC_PublicChat

Yours, NWC Team



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