Cape Town’s Water Crisis

Cape Town is expected to run out of water on April 12th, 2018

Image Credits: Primedia

Because Climate Change doesn’t just happen in a week, we often overlook how drastically it is impacting our lives. For residents of Cape Town however, that is no longer an option. Despite being a major international city, an ongoing drought has left it poised to run out of water on April 12th, now called “Day Zero”.

Residents are already being asked to ration their water use, although their failure to do so has forced the city’s government to move up “Day Zero” by weeks to its current date. The city has threatened to impose a fine on households using over 10,500 liters of water a month, which comes out to 87 liters per person per day. This is compared to over 200 liters per person per day normally used by Americans. The visiting Indian cricket team was even asked to keep its showers to a maximum of two minutes.

With Climate Change making extreme weather events like droughts more common, we are left to wonder how to cope and, perhaps more pressingly, where will be next.

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