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Stop the Steal is exactly what American Democracy looks like

The lunacy of what is unfolding in Washington, D.C. may look unprecedented for the United States, but, in truth, it is common practice for the Red, White & Blue.

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At this very moment, there is a massive pro-Trump assault on Washington, D.C. MAGA supporters have draped themselves in American flags and strapped on their red hats to storm the Capitol building. The protestors have successfully stopped the high-profile, US House and Senate operated, electoral vote count scheduled for today.

As is expected, anti-Trump Americans have taken to social media to detail their shock and anger. Cable news and mainstream media outlets, which overwhelmingly lean towards a liberal bias, caught the big one today and likely won’t cover much else in the coming hours.

Many are denouncing the activities in D.C. — labeling it a coup d’état. A public rising to this level of an extremity is rather foreign to most born-Americans, and the fascination and traumatization of the day are expected.

But to claim that this sequence of events is un-American, or unique for the Stars and Stripes, is inaccurate. It is as much of a tradition as is having a hot dog at a baseball game. We do this all the time — most Americans are simply unaware.

New World colonizers appropriated African communities in droves to propel a vicious slave labor system during the infancy of North American imperialism. “Patriots” stormed Indigenous American lands and massacred inhabitants with combinations of strategic physical, psychological, and biological warfare. Even the most revered leaders of the American empire, like President Lincoln, are guilty of this.

The barbarity of the empire continues today. The United States backs far-right political and militant groups (often labeled as pro-democratic) around the world regularly. One only needs to read a handful of articles to understand this.

One example known by all Americans is the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Despite pre-existing knowledge that Saddam Hussein and Iraq did not possess WMDs, the United States occupied the Middle Eastern nation and forced a bloody, for-profit, regime change war. Seventeen years later, sanctions are still leveraged against the Iraqi people — a three-month waiver extension was recently enacted allowing Iraq to acquire gas from Iran. On January 20, an architect of the Iraq War will be sworn into the office of President of The United States.

Furthermore, the United States offers bipartisan support of Israel, America’s fascist partner-in-crime, and its efforts to police and destabilize victim countries of US regime change wars — like Syria, Iran, and Lebanon.

In 2019, the United States backed a violent and fraudulent right-wing coup in Bolivia which aimed to unfasten Bolivia’s socialist president, Evo Morales, from his elected position.

Morales, who recently returned to Bolivia following the country’s 2020 Presidential Election this past October, was forced to seek refugee status in Argentina. Following the militarized Bolivian coup, the interim president, Jeanine Áñez, led a massacre against Bolivia’s Indigenous people. The Grayzone’s Anya Parampil and Ben Norton produced a documentary about the coup in November.

The Obama administration rained hellfire upon the people of Libya by supporting and enforcing the overthrow, and eventual murder, of Prime Minister Muammar Gaddafi. Alongside president-elect Biden and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, President Obama waged war and permitted US facilitated bombings of one of Africa’s most developed countries. Today, Libya is coping with the fallout of the United States military gluttony and it was revealed in 2017 that an open slave trade had emerged.

Americans can find more casualties of American coup d’état democracy in Venezuela. If you asked random residents of the United States who Venezuela’s president is, most would likely say Juan Guaidó. He is, after all, recognized by the US and its allies as Venezuela’s leader. However, Guaidó is merely a puppet-president.

Nicolás Maduro was elected to the presidency — not Guaidó. The US has been attempting a failed coup against the Maduro administration for years. President Maduro is an ally of Morales and Bolivia’s newly elected president, Luis Arce, as well as, Miguel Díaz-Canel and Cuba.

The attempted coup has strengthened ties between Guaidó and Israel’s Netanyahu and featured a poorly executed assassination attempt.

“Protest against US wars and military drones” by Fibonacci Blue

With Guaidó’s help, Trump has installed vicious sanctions against Venezuela’s oil industry and has seized resources en route to the South American country. The inhumane blockade has led to economic turmoil and suffering for the most vulnerable people of Venezuela.

The list of US operated and funded coup d’états is far grander than this brief snapshot. The highjacking of governments is as American as corporate privatization and Budweiser.

What has unfolded in Washington, D.C. is nothing new. In reality, it is something that is far too common. The brainwashing one must be subjected to in order to stage a coup-style defense of Donald Trump’s presidency is daunting. The ideologies of the transpired actions today are dangerous and should worry you — but to claim they are un-American is a disservice to yourself and your neighbors.

Do not be surprised if the hyper-neoliberalism of a Joe Biden presidency brings us to this exact moment again in the near future. Perhaps when that instance comes, the people will stand up and overthrow their oppressors, instead of defending them.



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