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John Tucker
Jan 29, 2020 · 3 min read

Space Startup Spotlight: OrbitsEdge

As we move toward the commercialization of space, data is going to become a much sought after commodity for businesses and public organizations that are involved in the development of the space industry.

Sending data back to Earth to get processed is going to take a vast amount of bandwidth and will cause delays in communication. Without the correct data infrastructure in place, progress will be made much slower. By creating robust data centers in space, OrbitsEdge is getting ahead of the problem with a solution that will prove to become an invaluable resource to any other space startup.

Bottlenecks in data processing in space are already a problem, and as space opens up to the possibilities brought about by the lower cost in commercial space activity, this problem will only grow. OrbitsEdge is already there with a solution though, and by joining forces with Hewlett Packard, they are proving that they now have the data processing power that they need.

What is OrbitsEdge?

Formed in 2018, OrbitsEdge helps other businesses or public organizations collect and process huge amounts of data in space. Whether that data is accumulated through the Internet of Things or from testing, the amount of time it takes for this data to return to Earth to get processed can cause a lot of issues.

This Florida based startup has paired up with Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) to create the perfect synergy. Utilizing the micro-datacenter technology developed by HPE, OrbitsEdge will further develop this for use in space and it will be hosted on the OrbitsEdge SatFrame.

Who’s Behind OrbitsEdge?

The OrbitsEdge founder and Cheif Technical Officer, Richard Ward has a background in Deep Space Industries. He has been instrumental in developing the proprietary SatFrame which houses the equipment to be used in Low Earth Orbit.

CEO, Barb Stinnett has over three decades worth of’ Silicon Valley experience and has been involved in many major tech businesses over the last few decades, including Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and Cisco. She has also been CEO and has held a number of board of directors positions for private equity and venture capital firm portfolios.

OrbitsEdge And Hewlett Packard Enterprises

In November 2019, OrbitsEdge announced that it would be utilizing the HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems to enable space companies to manage their data more efficiently in space.

Created by OrbitsEdge, the SatFrame is designed to host the technology and compensate for stressors such as radiation in space.

With both companies working together to produce technology that can withstand the harsh environments of space, many other companies and space organizations will gain a valuable technological resource that will help propel their interests forward.

With edge computing bringing the technology to NewSpace companies operating in the emerging space industries, OrbitsEdge has positioned itself in a prime and valuable position. The savvy space entrepreneurs are in a prime spot, whereby they will be able to assist many companies to reach their goals of developing their commercial businesses in space.

You can learn more about OrbitsEdge at their website and through their social media outlets: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook

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