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World’s 1st 3D Printed Home for the Developing World

3D Home Printing For The World’s Poor

Brett Hagler
Mar 9, 2018 · 4 min read

What started as an unfathomable idea 10 months ago has become a reality — and a viable path to revolutionizing the future of safe, decent shelter.

In partnership with ICON, a construction technology company, we designed a 3D home printer specifically made to work under the constraints that are common in places like Haiti and rural El Salvador where New Story works. And it works: we have successfully printed the first house, built to US housing standards in Austin, TX.

See what people are saying: WIRED, Fast Company, Architectural Digest

Phase I → From Idea To Printing a House.

  • Cost decrease (from $6,500/home to ~$4,000 and even lower future cost)
  • Speed increase (from ~15 days to 12–24hrs to build one home)
  • Improved quality and customization of the home unit for families

Taking this risk and creating the Phase I prototype is worth celebrating as it’s a considerable step, but what’s most exciting is Phase II: 3D Printing The First Community (explained further below).

Why Are We Doing This?

Steady, linear improvements will never reach the total addressable market of families in need.

We believe R&D and product innovation is essential with a problem of this magnitude. We have to take big swings with forward-thinking technology to achieve a quantum leap in speed, affordability, and quality.

Our goal is to help power anyone building homes for the poor — governments and non-profits alike — to do their best work. As we make these strides, it means more families around the world will have safe shelter and can better actualize their potential.

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We Need An Entirely New Innovation

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Because of the scale of the problem, linear improvements will never get us there. Therefore, we must design exponential solutions.

Phase II → 3D Printing The First Community.

Imagine transforming tents and shacks into a community of safe, beautiful homes, in the world’s most underserved places. Now, imagine it took half the money and a fraction of the time it typically takes to make those homes.

Here’s the even bigger picture: imagine other nonprofits and governments all over the world able to deploy this same technology so they too can scale up their impact. The results? Millions of families now in possession of one of the most basic human needs: shelter.

We believe in this future, and we’re determined to make it a reality.

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Ahuachapán, El Salvador Community that New Story built in 2017

Make History With Us.

New Story

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