Q3 2017 New Story Report

This report is written For Q3 FY2017 by Brett Hagler, CEO New Story. Addressed to New Story’s Builders, Advisors and close friends.

Laboderie, Haiti

The One Thing

New Story passed the 1,000 homes funded milestone! We now have 1,200+ total homes funded, building 10 communities, in less than three years of starting the organization. We have built nearly 700 of those funded homes.

The 10 communities: Haiti — 6, El Salvador — 2, Bolivia — 1, Mexico — 1.



  • Goal to fund 150 homes, and we funded 220 homes ($1.43M).
  • Raised $250,000 from four new Builder commitments. “Builders”= the private group of donors that fund New Story’s overhead.

On-ground Operations

  • Goal to build 120 homes, and we built 132 homes.
  • Secured land in our new expansion country: Mexico! We will be working in Aguascalientes, Mexico for our first community of ~300 homes.

Innovation and R&D

We embarked on the most innovative project in New Story’s history, but cannot publicly share details until March 6, 2018, as we are showcasing it at SXSW. We are attempting to innovate the home unit design and building process.

It is a high-risk project, but if it works, we could reach families exponentially faster. Therefore, our principles tell us it’s irresponsible not to try.

New Advisors and Builders

Pictured from top left to right. Welcome to New Story!

  • Glenn Kelman — CEO of Redfin joined as a Builder
  • Jim and Rebecca Schaper — former CEO of Infor joined as a Builder
  • Scott Harrison — CEO of charity:water joined our Advisory Board
  • David Dominik — Managing Director, Golden Gate Capital joined as a Builder
  • Brett Badessa — Data Blue, joined as a Builder
  • Chris Crane — former CEO of Opportunity International and Edify, joined our Advisory Board

New team member: Hannah Potter, Business Development

Hannah will work directly with Brett on fundraising and strategic partners. Hannah is a Stanford alum, with experience working at the White House and IDEO.org. We are incredibly excited to have her and hope you can meet her the next time you engage with New Story. (Hannah on bottom right)

New Story Core Team

We are hiring: newstorycharity.org/careers

Sotheby’s International Realty Partnership

At the Sotheby’s International Real Estate GNE conference in September, we rallied the 2,400+ attendees to commit to 154 homes — $1M+ in two days! These homes will go to our new Mexico community.

“New Story Night” Recap

On October 7th (beginning of Q4) we hosted our first ever “mini-gala” in Atlanta. We had ~100 attendees, and our ambitious goal was to get 50 homes ($300k) pledged to fund a 50 home community in Haiti. This was a beta for us as we’ve never done this before. We ended up doing 74 HOMES ($445,000)!

Sarah Lee spearheaded everything — she was excellent. We, of course, have improvements, but overall, it was a dream come true for our first gala. We already have some exciting plans to expand this to different cities in 2018!

Community Stories in Pictures:

Families learning they will be moving into a new community in Haiti after living in tents for nearly 8 years.
We used our “Participatory Design” process for a new community in Haiti
Ahuachapán, El Salvador community move ins
New land in Ahuachapán, El Salvador. We are looking for a company or individual to fund this new community.

Impact Data from Q3

New Story+ partners surveyed 593 households in Titayen, Haiti and 90 in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. We gained insight into how families are living in survival mode. Please see just a few data points below.

Titayen, Haiti

  • 47% of the population is under the age of 18.
  • 1 in 3 households cannot send their children to school.
  • 59% of head of households have trouble staying awake during the day due to hunger. An indicator of malnutrition.

Ahuachapan, El Salvador

  • 94% of families live on less than $1.90 per day in El Salvador.
  • 61% of families have tried to immigrate to the US.
We will work in Q4 with our partners to maximize our operations and customize our impact for the unique needs of each community.

An example is providing our partners with this data so they can focus their efforts on school sponsorship and agricultural training in Haiti.

Through the data provided our partners in El Salvador created a community governance board and working with local government to provide jobs training. More at https://newstorycharity.org/impact/

Ruben Cenea, our Haiti Country Coordinator explaining impact data.

Thank you for building New Story with us!

— Brett and the team

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