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Quit Your Day Job — Sr. Engineers

tl;dr: Join New Story as Sr Rails Software Engineer — maximize your impact/purpose, build a world changing product, have a blast with our team at Chopped Challenges, increase your technical mastery, and travel to Haiti to see your work in action.

Maximize Your Impact

I’m going to list out why you should quit your day job and join us at New Story. If you want to maximize the impact you can have and have a blast while doing it, keep reading :)

When New Story was first started in Nov of 2014 there was no big vision or grand strategy. Our focus was literally to fund one home in Leveque, Haiti. Only as we funded more and more homes did we discover we had built something people truly wanted and that we were really building communities from the ground up. Communities where families are thriving, starting businesses, kids are going to school, and where there’s hope for a better future (multi-general impact). $6M and 1,100 homes later we now know the impact we can have on the world can be truly massive.

Being a part of our team means you’re work every day directly impacts families living in some of the poorest areas of our world. But your work is bigger than too…

Bigger Vision

Our vision is to end survival mode living for every human being.

That’s approx. 850 million people around the world. Tackling a problem of this complexity and scale is beyond the reach of any one individual or organization. It requires a diverse collective, of individuals, NGOs, governments, for-profits, and institutions. The unique role and purpose we, (New Story) play in this vision is to create the operating system and build a collective of partners to end survival-mode living. Operating system? It’s homes not a new iPhone. The technology, impact data, ways of working, techniques, participatory design — everything we’re innovating on should be shared so that all housing organizations (and nonprofits) can use it to push their projects forward — we call this the operating system.

Everyday we’re working to build this operating system.

How You & Technology Fits In?

So how does technology fit into housing and the 850 million people living in survival mode? We believe technology is a force multiplier for impact. That means the tools we’re building internally can allow our small team to do more. It means the mobile tools we’re building can be open sourced and given to other nonprofits to use and run their operations.

But we’re Day 1 on this vision and in order to see it to reality we are calling on a talented, friendly, hungry Software Engineer to join our team. You’ll help lead our development day to day, greenfield new products, and improve our current tools supporting our team. Our tech team consists of Morgan (CTO), Geraldine (Software Engineer), and myself (Head of Product) — you’ll work together with us to push New Story forward.

Learn More/Apply

If you want to learn more about this position or apply visit newstorycharity.org/dev. Please reach out with any questions to matthew@newstorycharity.org.

Leveque, Haiti — New Story’s first community
The Team :)
100% of families in the New Story community in Nuevo Cuscátlan, El Salvador have improved their homes. Home improvement shows ownership and pride — important components for a successful community.
No matter if you give $5 or $5,000, 100% of your donation is given directly to build a home.
We partner with local nonprofits to hire community members and buy local materials. A New Story donation is a win-win, supporting the local economy while also building safe homes and communities.

Learn More/Apply

If you want to learn more about this position or apply visit newstorycharity.org/dev. Please reach out with any questions to matthew@newstorycharity.org.