Chris Blasi: Crypto cannot replace gold

Chris Blasi

Newsvoice recently caught up with investment expert Chris Blasi, President at Neptune Global Holdings, to know his views around precious metals, cryptocurrencies and the future of blockchain.

Chris Blasi is a veteran of the financial and technology industries with over 30 years of experience and is the creator of the patented PMC Ounce. His professional work in financial services includes roles with a major broker-dealer and boutique merchant banking firm.

In conjunction with his investment banking and wealth management roles, Chris has extensive experience in the technology industry, specifically working within financial services. Chris has contributed to publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, CNBC and many more.

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As a recognized expert in the precious metals market, Chris gave us his thoughts on the mainstream media, and why they constantly focus on short-time spans in which gold and silver prices drop as opposed to reporting on longer term trends.

Two metals that are off the radar of the mainstream media are platinum and palladium of which 80–85% come out of just two locations: Russia and South Africa. Chris explains why this presents a geopolitical dilemma for traders and buyers, given South Africa’s output problems and sanctions placed on Russia by the West.

With such an extensive career in investments and financial services, we were curious to get Chris’s thoughts on what the future held for blockchain and how he saw the technology evolving. He feels that the viability of blockchain is completely separate from the viability of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.

“An investment in Cryptocurrencies is completely different from that in Gold. The only commonality that may exit is both are not mainstream favorites. Other than that, they are two completely opposite things and one is not a substitute for the other.”

Although cryptocurrency may not be a replacement for gold, Chris thinks the blockchain technology has an important role to play in the future.

“Blockchain is here to stay. Bitcoin is a little confused — is it a speculative asset or is it a currency? It needs to figure that out. If we took Bitcoin for the sale of precious metals and then Bitcoin drops we could get wiped out of business.”

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