Erik Sandberg
Jul 6, 2018 · 3 min read
Kacey Carpenter

Bernie Sanders’ campaign made waves across the world. It inspired new generations, and awoke Americans across all social strata into becoming proactive, grassroots political campaigners. It proved that self–determination can mobilize whole countries using an array of technological tools inspired by political leaders of their choice to enact real change. Well, almost.

Kacey Carpenter is one of those battlers. One of those humble grafters who took it upon himself to actually go knocking on doors, canvass, engage and utilize P2P strategies to inspire others in the knowledge that ‘Real change could be acquired. All you had to do was listen. Open your ears, and your heart.’

A community organizer, volunteer, leader of NorCal4OurRevolution and co-chair of the Bayshore Progressive Democrats Club, Kacey recently penned a book, My Journey with Bernie, on his experiences working as a activist during the lead-up to the DNC’s nomination for the 2016 presidential election.

Read on as Kacey Carpenter relives the highs and lows of the campaign, in an exclusive interview with Newsvoice.

Working for Cisco for decades, Kacey juggled a hectic work life with his wife, Kathy, and family during the Sanders race for nomination. He describes how Sanders’ anti-corporate stance really tapped in to ‘independents’ across the country — especially in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania — and was really making massive inroads in to the old style two–party politics that America is steeped in.

Coders for Sanders was just one of the many digital movements that arose out of an amazingly positive movement. As prominent activists, politicians and actors such as Cornel West, Robert Reich and Danny DeVito came out in support of the Vermont Senator, young and old were busying themselves building applications to bind and consolidate support for Sanders across the country. Many of these people were based in Silicon Valley where the pollination of the digital activists was happening.

Listen to the full interview in our weekly Newsvoice Think podcast.

A massive downer on July 22 ’16 beset — not just Bernie Sanders and opponent, Hillary Clinton — but the Democratic Party and its disparate movements as a whole. It emerged via the Podesta leaks that the Democratic National Committee favored Clinton for nomination. This occurred just days before the DNC convention. Kacey describes it “a rigged election” in favor of Clinton.

While the Sanders movement licks its wounds and looks forward to a possible run in 2020, Kacey chats a bit about Nina Turner and why he feels Tulsi Gabbard can be a “future U.S. president”.

You can read more about Kacey’s book and even buy it via the link below.

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