Erik Sandberg
May 25, 2018 · 3 min read
Martin Armstrong

The story of the expert economist, Martin Armstrong, is a compelling and tragic one. The man who pioneered the economic cycle theory: The Economic Confidence Model, was omniscient in his predictions of market trends, market collapses; even the Russian financial crisis of 1998 which inevitably led to Boris Yeltsin’s resignation. Armstrong was sought the globe over. Governments, E.U. commissions and financial advisors across the world wanted to garner his thoughts and foresight on fiscal matters as he travelled the world giving keynote speeches to attentive delegates.

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When you speak with Martin you can’t help but be utterly engrossed by his knowledge of financial matters. He gives an otherwise tedious subject so much character and life. Spreadsheets, tax returns and IRS forms can often invoke a sense of dread in us all, but you get the sense that to Armstrong it’s all water off a duck’s back, to penny a phrase.

The best place to start with him is with that age – old yet indispensable media form: The feature length documentary. The Forecaster deftly picks up on Armstrong not long after he’s released from jail for his alleged part in a multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme. With the media denied access to him for much his stay in prison, Armstrong resorted to smuggling out newsletters to retain his sanity and a connection with the world. But what was his stay like and who were the other guests in the federal jail he was in? He told us.

While incarcerated he also missed the tactile introduction of the Euro single currency. The Euro was set up to rival the dollar, he said. The commission, however, ignored his advice to set up a single debt as they felt voters wouldn’t go for it.

“It was Goldman Sachs that rigged the whole game so that Greece could get in, when the idea of the Euro was forming they actually came to me at the World Economic Conference in London. I sat down with them and told them that if you create a single currency then you have to create a single debt. They didn’t listen to me.”

It wasn’t only financial bodies and the E.U. bureaucrats that caught Armstrong’s ire. He told Newsvoice Think that: “In politics, everybody’s family is raking in money all over the place”, with Joe Biden’s son and the Clinton Foundation in the firing line.

While economies have been crashing globally or at least stagnating for over 10 years now, the digital trading and purchasing form that is: Bitcoin, has also had its peaks and troughs throughout 2018. Martin explained to us why he feels its provenance lies in China due to it being illegal to take your money out of the country as he describes Bitcoin as “the biggest money laundering scam in Chinese history.”

You can read more about Martin’s work, his predictions on economies and his thoughts on social and political matters at his website:

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