Erik Sandberg
May 7, 2018 · 2 min read
Samuel Ronan

We were delighted at Newsvoice to welcome Samuel Ronan for an interview as he, and the U.S., build up for the crucial midterm elections this November ’18. Standing as a Republican, the U.S. air force veteran gave us his thoughts on a whole range of subjects from Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders — the Democratic Party as a whole — and why the legalisation of marijuana is the best policy for battling the opioid crisis in the States.

Samuel Ronan on addiction problems in the U.S.

Besides running for Congress, Sam is also the founder of Our Voice USA, an application and directory for activists. His bid as a Progressive Republican comes fresh off the back of a DNC chair campaign in early 2017. Are the Democratic Party suffering from an identity crisis? Sam thinks so. Furthermore he feels that a Sanders presidency could only govern through executive order due to Congress and the Supreme Court being controlled by Republicans. “It’s a moot point”, he tells me.

Samuel Ronan on the “identity crisis” in the Democratic Party

“I’m not sure that Tulsi Gabbard would do anything different from Bernie Sanders, other than galvanize people to vote for her. One positive thing we can say about Hillary Clinton is that she was elevating other Democratic candidates. If Bernie Sanders or Tulsi did that, they absolutely could win. Tulsi’s got it in her for a presidential run, I just don’t know that she’s got it in her to take others too.”

Samuel Ronan on Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders

Check out Sam’s campaign site, his work with the Our Voice initiative.

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