It’s on for the 1st edition of the Montreal AI Week!

The first week of December will be one of the most exciting for artificial intelligence experts and enthusiasts. Montreal will host for the first time the largest global AI conference, the NeurIPS. Over 8,500 participants from around the world will join our already active AI ecosystem in Montreal. The city will be buzzing with dozens of independent events that will coincide with the conference. We tried to figure out everything that was going on during the week. That’s when we realized that it was very scattered and that it was not an easy task to discover all the events. This is why we decided to identify and share them with the community via a centralized platform.

The 2,500 NeurIPS tickets (in addition to six to eight thousand tickets reserved for the researchers whose work would be presented) sold out in record time: they were all gone in less than 12 minutes! This meant that a large number of Montrealers couldn’t benefit from this unique opportunity to learn and network with an unusual concentration of AI specialists coming to their city from all over the world. Another challenge was that it can be hard for foreign visitors to learn about the events that take place every day once the official activities are over. This makes it more difficult for them to discover and create connections with the local ecosystem.

Photo: Tourism Montreal / Henry Macdonald

With the Montreal AI Week, we want to encourage people visiting Montreal and those living in the city to participate to a maximum of events that are complementary to the official conference. This project was born of an improvised collaboration between Gradiant AI and Montreal NewTech. During a discussion between two friends, it became obvious that gathering in one place and promoting jointly all the meetups, hackathons, panels, networking sessions, parties and other independent activities would have an added value for many people.

Other groups and organizations quickly mobilized themselves to make this last-minute project feasible, including Datapreneur, Desjardins Lab, Montreal AI Ethics Institute, Deep Learning Montreal and Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Montreal. We hope that you’ll make the most of this busy week. We will be waiting for you on Friday, December 7 for a closing night that will be unveiled shortly. In the meantime, the complete program of the Montreal AI Week is waiting for you here!

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