MTL NewTech DemoNight | New Year, New Resolutions

More than 100 people participated in our first demo night of 2017!

January 10, 2017: For many, just the second day back at work after the holidays…

Outside: -10 degrees with sleet and blowing snow. Lucky for us, we usually hold our demo nights inside! And not just anywhere this time — We’re in the beautiful offices of a real Canadian success story, Shopify!

As usual MNT Creative Director Ilias Benjelloun acted as MC for the evening

No less than 5 wonderful companies were in the house this time around to show off what they’ve built so without any further ado… here they are:

Gene did a great job explaining the value of Perfiqt

First up, Gene Khalyapin, founder and CEO at Perfiqt.

Perfiqt replaces traditional financial planning, through the use of AI and by simply inputting a little of your own data. In just a few minutes you can visualize your entire financial situation and get personal insights to help you make smarter life decisions for yourself, by yourself.

Did we mention that it’s free?

It’s also customizable, meaning if you’re suddenly going to be a parent, or if you have to replace your vehicle… you can make these changes in your personal financial model quickly and easily. Thus giving you a clearer picture of your budget, savings and investments… So don’t go out and buy that 60" flatscreen just yet.

But if you use Perfiqt, you’ll be able to afford it sooner that you think!

Dubdub’s Vincent Hoss-Desmarais

Next up: Vincent Hoss-Desmarais from Dubdub. He gave us the most engaging presentation of the evening to say the least. And he was the first presenter in a while to successfully go over the 5 allotted minutes, but in fairness to him he was dealing with technical difficulties beyond his control.

Having said that, Dubdub is amazing! They are a content marketer’s dream.

The core service they offer, dubsuite, lets you shoot, edit and share 90 second videos right from your phone. They have also launched dubcandy, which helps users get clicks and shoppers (through Amazon integration) and thus monetize their video content. And lastly their dubU service helps teach users the do’s and don’ts of video production and social media. After all, with tools this powerful one has to be careful, otherwise one could hurt themselves!

Paul Blanchard from Tribal Buzz

The third presentation of the evening was from Tribal Buzz. This is another video creation platform, but with a different focus. They enable your users to promote your brand through video testimonials and word of mouth.

By turning any smartphone into a teleprompter, they are able to help people who have no experience in video production get through a shoot with fewer stumbles. They also offer professional editing services so the content will look right before it goes online. And of course they offer and approval feature, through which only quality videos get approved and sub-par videos don’t. Once again preventing newbies from damaging their brand by posting inferior quality content.

L to R: Antoine and Baptiste from Castor

6 weeks ago Castor pretty much did not exist. Now they are bringing powerful dashboards to the masses through an easy API integration.

They launched on December 28, 2016, right in the middle of the holidays when people are busy with all kinds of other stuff… but they are so good they still went to the top of Product Hunt right away, and stayed there for a full 4 days! In fact, they were featured on the site just 2 hours after going live there.

So far they have over 22,000 site visits and at last check they were averaging one signup every 20 seconds!

They offer nice looking data visualization, free and paid versions (still totally affordable) and a really intuitive and easy to use UI. If you or your business are struggling to see what your data is trying to tell you, Castor could be the solution you’re looking for!

Sheena Brady came from the Shopify headquarters in Ottawa to speak at MNT demo night

Last, but certainly not least was our gracious host, Shopify. Now, let’s be clear… Shopify is not a startup. In fact they are publicly traded at this point. But they once were a little startup, not that long ago in fact. And then they grew, and they grew and they grew… and now they are truly a titan in the ecommerce industry with over 300,000 merchants using their platform. But they haven’t forgotten where they came from and we appreciate them giving so much back to the community.

For those of you unfamiliar with Shopify, welcome to 2017! They are an ecommerce platform that can basically manage the entire logistics, supply chain and sales of an online retailer. Get the whole story here.

On this occasion, Sheena came down from our nation’s capital to tell us about their latest offering, Shopify Plus. Designed for fast growing and high volume merchants, Plus offers easy integration from over 40 other ecommerce platforms. One of the main features of Plus is that is allows merchants to scale their business, quickly and easily… but also for just a fraction of what these services would traditionally cost.

Plus is already in use all over the world and has no hidden fees and the price won’t go up after 6 months, so you don’t have to worry about this backend SaaS stuff… you can get out there and run the business. Unlimited sales, visitors, and products for a flat monthly fee

If you are about to experience hockey stick growth, this is the solution for you! (also, congratulations!)

Over 150 people braved the cold for this event, and they weren’t disappointed. Keep an eye on our social channels for the next demo night, and don’t forget to join Montreal NewTech for our January 21 event: Insider Knowledge | Design Sprint.

Stay warm!