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🚩 I have never published an actual story, nor have I ever worked with anyone who has.

When I think about writing, professionally, I assume that writing for work, is easier. A report gets written or sections of a newspaper. Independent stories. Cleanly cut.

However, professional creative writing, seems like a different kettle of 🦈🐠. Especially, when considering how an entire organization does it.

How do they write that one great story, together?

Ask ‘em.🙄

I could do that…but you must have wondered at some point.

What are the alternatives?

Software developers use some amazing methodologies and tools that facilitate collaboration.

The culture could be Agile and the base could be Github or Azure DevOps. #biased

They have pipelines and call it ‘building’ and ‘releasing’.

What do writers have?

How is creativity churned despite setbacks like time and burn-out?

Can the effective practices and principles from software development be applied to creative writing?

Should there be an overlap?

One of the best ways to find out — trial and error.

Here’s a starter tale to do just that on Github: 👉🏾Tale of Tales👈🏾

A dev’s touch to apples.

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