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It’s Time to Ditch The Day Job and Works for Yourself

Count down the workday minutes until you can run to your car? It might be time to keep running and never look back.

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We’ve all been there: That dragging job that drains us of our energy, guts us of our dreams, and makes us wake up in the morning wondering if this is really what we were born to do.

That million-dollar idea that burns inside and with each passing day get staler for many of us. It is hard to decide between leaving the comfort of a stable job and building something of your own. What about the salary? The benefits? The dependents? The 401K?

All those luxuries disappear the minute you turn the company laptop in for the last time.

Conversely, a recent survey of 2,500 people, including 500 small business owners, conducted on behalf of Invoice2go found that 60% said they’re committed to the idea of working for themselves rather than an employer, citing an interest in following their passion (57%), a belief that they could be of benefit to others (53%) and a need to set their schedule (52%).

So how do YOU know if it’s time to jump ship?

• Fulfillment

Any entrepreneur that has started their journey after working for another company has had this question: “Am I living up to my potential?”

The answer might be as simple as a role change, a jump into a new career, and maybe, just maybe…a light bulb that is the fact that it’s time to start your journey.

• Health

If you find yourself stressed, depressed, and full of anxiety? Your body will tell you. These symptoms can be a result of dissatisfaction at the workplace. Many times it is as simple as looking in the mirror. What version of yourself do you love the most? You have to get back to that form. Every day you don’t will only continue to take a toll on your health. No job is worth your well-being.

• Motivation

If you find it hard to get motivated to participate, lead, achieve, etc., there is a root cause. It does not always have to be work-related. It could be in your personal life. However, every day that passes where you are not giving it, your all ends up being a day you wish you had back.

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• Reality

You must assess the situation entirely and analyze whether it does make sense to make the career change or start your own business.

Do you have the capital? Do you have a proper business plan and model that you could present today? Do you have an idea of the team you want to build or need as you grow? Most importantly, does it make sense?

Those are the types of questions that should be in your mind constantly if you are genuinely thinking of making a plunge.

Starting Something New is Never An Easy Task.

Just make sure that you check off all the boxes, the loved ones are taken care of, and your entrepreneurial destiny will write itself. When the day comes that you are living the life you dreamed of? Take a moment to be thankful that you listened to the signs.




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