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HomeCourt for Teams

”The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

- Phil Jackson (11x NBA Championship Coach)

Today, we are making HomeCourt easier to use for coaches and teams.

For many of us, being on a team is why we play sports. The camaraderie, the sisterhood, the brotherhood, the feeling that you can accomplish more together than alone.

Teams are not just for organized sports. Teams are our families, our coworkers, and friends that help us stay motivated and grounded. Today, more than ever, we lean on our teams for support and connection.

We have been incredibly inspired by coaches and teams all over the world that have been using HomeCourt to help their players stay in the game over the recent weeks. Coaches like Penn Charter Girls Basketball Coach Joe Maguire and Cedar Cliff Boys Basketball Coach Savercool to sports organizations like Frankston Blues Basketball in Australia, Wellington Basketball in New Zealand, and the Panthers Basketball Club have shown us how it done.

Panthers Basketball Club putting in work together even when they are apart.

As part of the product development process, we interviewed over 50 different teams and organizations to see what features would create the most value for what they need, especially during times when teams cannot be together.

We hope the updates today can help us all stay a bit more connected through sports during these crazy times and well into the future as we adapt to a new environment together.

Team Rosters, Leaderboards, Highlights, and More

For Coaches and Organizers

With Rosters, coaches can now create teams and easily add/invite players all in one place.

With Team Leaderboards and Highlights, coaches can review the overall team and individual effort happening on HomeCourt.

For Players

With this update, players can easily join teams they are invited to and receive challenges and assignments from their coach to engage in team-wide competitions.

With Popular Activities, players can jump right in and compete with activities and drills that their teammates are also actively doing, building team camaraderie on the fly.

For Parents

Parents can now easily create Profiles for their family members as well as easily review and track their workouts.

Parents can also easily see how their family members are progressing with our in-depth Skill Rating system.

Have feedback? please email us at support@homecourt.ai.

This is just the start. More upgrades coming soon!

HomeCourt Teams can work for soccer too.

As part of the release, we are taking our first steps to better serving our soccer community. Read more about HomeCourt for Soccer here.



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