Business banking for e-residents & Digital Nomads

When Estonia started e-Residency almost three years ago, it was necessary to visit Estonia four times to set up a company. They have since reduced that to one visit, with the last hurdle being the need to visit Estonia to set up business banking.

Estonia e-Residency just launched a partnership with the Finnish fintech company Holvi to provide borderless digital banking for entrepreneurs in our borderless digital nation.

This means that it will be possible to open a complete EU company combined with a fully digital EU IBAN business account entirely online from pretty much anywhere with an internet connection for the first time through e-Residency.

Almost everyone can now apply with the exception of very few countries — most notably the US, but Holvi is working on including US e-residents in future.

Estonia e-Residency delighted that Holvi has decided to invest in the borderless digital nation by offering borderless business banking specially tailored to the growing community of e-residents.

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