Spray.io and Slick seed

Who wants to start new project with Spray.io and Slick but does not want to splodge with all this boilerplate?

If You are such a person You can use activator and start Your journey with Spray and Slick using my seed .

Best way to do that is to use Typesafe Activator, but You can also clone my repository on github.

What i’ve got in package?

In my seed I use: Spray.io 1.3.2, Slick 2.1.0, Akka 2.3.9 and H2 database (but You can use any database). For testing purposes there is Spec2 and additional helper for creating test data.

I’ve also prepared sample API so You can run it and test it out of the box.

How to run it?

  1. Install Activator
  2. Use activator to download seed:
    $ activator new my-fancy-spray-project spray-slick-seed
  3. Go to project folder my-fancy-spray-project
  4. Run project with activator: $ activator run
  5. Use Rest client to call application, by default application is listening on localhost:8088, remember to send application/json requests


  1. Post /todo with body: { “name”: “NAME” } — adds new todo list with id
  2. Post /todo/LIST_ID with body : { “label”: “ITEM NAME”} — adds item to todo list
  3. Get /todo/LIST_ID — return items
Spray-Slick-Seed is available on:
- activator: http://typesafe.com/activator/template/spray-slick-seed
- github: https://github.com/darek/spray-slick-seed