Nexo Instant Crypto-Backed Loans now in 45+ Currencies in 200+ Jurisdictions

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3 min readSep 24, 2018


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Nexo, the world’s most advanced instant crypto-backed loans provider, is beyond excited to announce it is now the only company in the blockchain space to service 200+ jurisdictions in 45+ currencies, essentially redefining financial freedom and flexibility as it relates to instant access to cash.

On the grand scale of things, we believe this to be the most significant development in the crypto-backed lending market since its advent. It not only makes our product surpass all geographical and infrastructural obstacles, turning Nexo into a truly borderless enterprise but is also marks a milestone for the entire blockchain space.

Owing to our team’s more than 10 years of experience in online loan automation, Nexo is now officially the only Crypto FinTech to provide transactions across 200+ jurisdictions in 45+ currencies,

thus offering an even more inclusive and all-encompassing service to anyone across the globe with loan funds available by local bank transfer in clients’ bank accounts on the same/next business day.

Thai Baht and Nepalese Rupee if you so choose

Prior to these awesome new developments , when clients from Thailand for instance, staked their crypto assets in their Nexo Wallet to receive instant liquidity, they obtained a loan in USD, EUR, or stablecoin (USDT, USDC) and then converted that into their local currency, Thai Baht. Now, these same investors can withdraw their loans directly in Thai Baht with a same/next day local bank transfer, which is both more convenient and cost-effective for them.

Providing our crypto-backed loans to clients in their local currencies has been a priority for Nexo, right from the onset as this is what crypto is all about — speed, flexibility, cost-efficiency and financial independence. These are all features that are perfectly complimented by the ease of use of the Nexo platform and the unrivaled user experience.

To that accord, our trademark “no credit history check or approval needed” remains intact, of course.

No more waiting lists

Thanks to this latest innovation, we are pleased to announce that

all clients looking to borrow in USD can do so instantly — no more USD waiting lists for anyone, as everybody can now take full advantage of Nexo’s instant crypto credit products.

The extended lending capabilities bring further savings on bank fees and exchange rate costs, allowing borrowers to enjoy the full potential of their crypto wealth.

Up to $2 Million

Borrowers can receive instant loans of up to $2 million per individual client, dwarfing everything offered by comparable services. Clients can secure their loans staking crypto assets, with more collateral options coming by the end of 2018.

Everyone, using their NEXO Tokens as collateral for a loan, receive a 50% discount on the part of the loan backed by the NEXO Tokens. Repaying loan interest using NEXO Tokens also gives users a 50% discount on their interest with an 5.9% APR. All NEXO Tokens kept in clients’ Nexo Wallets are, of course, entitled to a dividend payout.

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