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Instantly Happy XRP Clients

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Since Nexo became the first ever crypto lender to start accepting XRP as collateral, we have been overwhelmed by positive responses from an exuberant blockchain community.

We have seen a vast inflow of both individual and corporate XRP holders who have received their Nexo loans (starting from $1,000 up to $2,000,000) and have helped spread this awesome new utility feature for the cryptocurrency to even more people.

We are both thrilled and humbled by the XRP community’s recognition, and continue to be hard at work to bring you even more innovations in the form of new features on the platform, even more collateral options and exciting partnerships on the #NexoEverywhere campaign.

Feel free to to send us your experiences with the Nexo platform and share it with your circle of friends and acquaintances!

Here is a small collection of the feedback we have received already:

Do check out our earlier blog posts, share them with your friends and let them too be part of the Nexo success story!

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Nexo is the most advanced and trusted instant crypto lending provider on a global scale, servicing 45+ currencies across more than 200 jurisdictions. Nexo has provided tens of million of dollars worth of loans to an ever growing base of thosands of happy clients.

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