Why Nexo?

In this blog post, we would like to address the recurring theme of discussion “Why Nexo” that has come up in different discussions, formats and contexts. Now that the Nexo platform is live, discussions will once again heat up, so it is our belief that this post comes in time. We have tried to narrow it down to a few simple takeaways, so that you, the Nexo Supporters, investors, and clients can share them with your friends and family and help spread the good word about Nexo’s innovative approach to spending the value of crypto assets, without selling them. Here they are:

Why Nexo

Experienced Team

Nexo has an award-winning team whose business has continuously been audited by Deloitte.

10+ Years of FinTech Success

Nexo is powered by a leading FinTech group serving millions of people across Europe for over 10 years, while being strictly supervised by multiple European Banking and Financial Services Regulators.

Reputable Advisors

The Nexo Advisory Board includes prominent industry experts such as the founder of TechCrunch.

Why Investors Prefer NEXO Tokens

Compliant Asset-backed Security

The NEXO Token is the World’s First US SEC-compliant Dividend-paying Asset-backed Security Token and is backed by the underlying assets of Nexo’s loan portfolio.

Monthly Passive Income

NEXO Dividend Tokens are a safe haven as they provide passive income in the form of 30% in dividends from the company’s profits, distributed monthly to NEXO Token Holders.

Additional Utility

NEXO Tokens offer additional utility features such as discounted interest rates on the Nexo Instant Crypto-backed Loans and are also accepted as collateral on the Nexo Platform.

Why Choose the Nexo Platform

Live Automated Platform

Nexo has a fully operational instant lending platform with seamless user experience and military-grade security with 256-bit encryption.

Audited SEC-approved World Renowned Custodian

Nexo partners with SEC-approved BitGo to secure all crypto assets. BitGo is trusted by other market leaders such as Kraken, CME Group, Pantera Capital, The Royal Mint and UPbit.

Rigorous Compliance

Nexo is using Onfido to adhere to the strictest Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering global compliance standards. Onfido is also trusted by Coinbase, Revolut, HSBC, Nationwide, TransferWise and Bittrex.

Nexo in Numbers

  • $1+ billion in Instant Crypto-backed Loan Requests
  • $52.5 million raised in an 11x oversubscribed Token Sale
  • 40,000+ Community on Telegram and 35,000+ on Twitter
  • 30% of profits paid as dividends to NEXO Token holders
  • 10+ years of successful track record in online lending

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