NEXT Amsterdam invests in Austrian AI startup Butleroy

Timan Rebel
Jan 17, 2018 · 2 min read

NEXT Amsterdam is lead investor in the pan-European investment round funding Austrian startup Butleroy. The European Super Angel Club syndicated the round, bringing prominent Austrian and German angel investors together to invest in Butleroy.

The AI startup, formerly known as myAlfred, has changed its name to Butleroy now that it has closed a round of mid six figures. Butleroy was also admitted to NEXT Amsterdam’s long term acceleration program and has started working with them as from September 2017. NEXT is a quality accelerator program focussed on long term hands-on collaboration and is always looking for the best teams from all over Europe that make an impact on the world.

Butleroy is an AI-driven digital butler for iOS, Android and Alexa. Right now Butleroy is focussing on helping you plan things in your calendar. Making planning with multiple factors, i.e. location, multiple people and schedules a lot easier.

NEXT sees a lot of potential in this young team of Austrian AI students. Not only in regards of opportunity in the AI market but specifically in adding value for users who are flooded with more data and less time increasingly. The goal is to help the team evolve into a business with a sustainable business model and built out the platform that is valuable for both users and third-parties interacting with these users. “The Butleroy team has a strong vision regarding AI and the possibilities of that in the future. As well as a highly qualified young tech team. We feel that together with NEXT we can bring this into a valuable platform with a strong business model.“, Esther Gons explains. (Founding partner of NEXT Amsterdam)

NEXT is different from typical accelerators in that it doesn’t offer a one-size fits-all program, but rather structure through a battle-tested framework and tools of rapid experimentation as well as tools that help accounting for progress. Allowing you to move faster towards a sustainable and working business model.

Philip Baldauf (Co-founder and CEO of Butleroy) explains; “Butleroy chose to work with NEXT Amsterdam for their entrepreneurial knowledge and hands-on support, as well as access to the Dutch startup ecosystem that is on of the more important tech hubs in the world”.

If you want to get to know “Roy” the digital butler behind Butleroy you can do so with the free app for iOS and Android. If you already own a Amazon Alexa you can also activate the Butleroy skill.

NEXT Amsterdam - Pressroom

Announcements from NEXT Amsterdam

Timan Rebel

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Managing Partner at NEXT Amsterdam. Startup founder turned investor.

NEXT Amsterdam -  Pressroom

Announcements from NEXT Amsterdam

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