Next Bank announces name change to Next Money, acquisition of Bank Innovators Council

Rob Findlay at an event announcing the rebranding.

Next Bank, the global media and events company that is reinventing finance through design, innovation and entrepreneurship, announced today that it is changing its name to Next Money to better reflect its expanded focus across the entire financial services industry.

“We started Next Bank four years ago because we had attended other banking conferences and thought the conversation wasn’t nearly progressive enough considering the massive changes happening in and around the industry”, said Rob Findlay, Co-Founder and CEO of Next Money. “We wanted to create an inspiring and creative forum to change financial services for the better, and that forum has expanded far beyond just banking. Our community now includes influencers and change makers in insurance, wealth management, venture capital and financial technology, which has been a huge force for change in the past few years. Our new name better reflects the way our community and our events have grown.”

The new name for Next Money also coincides with the launch of 2 conferences in New York on September 7th and London on September 14th in partnership with the BBVA Open Talent competition, the return of the Fintech Finals in Hong Kong in January 2017, and the expansion of local Next Money chapters across the globe. Twenty three local chapters already exist in such cities as Singapore, London, and Sydney, supported by Visa, and the company announced that it will be launching dozens more over the next year. New local chapters have recently launched in Bangkok, Silicon Valley and San Francisco, and the Charlotte chapter will be launching on June 1, with an event featuring Techstars and Foundry Group co-founder Brad Feld.

“We bring together the brightest minds in the business to create a better future for financial services, and that takes a lot more than a day or two at a conference, no matter how amazing it is.” said Next Money Chairman JP Nicols, “Our local chapters allow people to come together regularly in a very powerful way, and we will also be launching new online and virtual tools that will help connect them with other local chapters and with our global community.”

Next Money also announced that as a part of its global expansion plans, it has acquired the Bank Innovators Council, a membership organization that promotes and supports innovation in banking.

The Bank Innovators Council was founded in the U.S. in 2013, and has members today in 65 countries on 6 continents. Now a part of Next Money, it will continue to champion the interests of those innovating inside financial institutions worldwide; and its co-founder JP Nicols will take on the new role of Chairman of Next Money, where he will have new global responsibilities while continuing to focus on growing the Next Money brand in the Americas.

“The mission and culture of the Bank Innovators Council has been highly aligned with ours from day one,” Next Money Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Anthony Sexton added, “and JP has been an important part of the Next Money community as a speaker and as an organizer of our events in North America. We have been collaborating together for a couple of years now, and we are excited to turn our partnership into a more permanent arrangement.”


About Next Money

Next Money brings together leading global experts in design, innovation and entrepreneurship to reinvent financial services through conferences, community and content. We create and curate thought-leading content and research for financial institutions, service providers, startups and governments; host creative and inspiring conferences, and build engaged local communities all around the world. The company operates in three global regions from principal offices in Singapore, London and Seattle

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