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Lady of the Lake Copyright by Michael Komarck

Caution, this article includes graphic details of disturbing subjects. Make sure you have your Center, Grounding Cord, and Bubble, your activated Bullshit Detector, and your Sword Of Clarity to hand before reading. Thank you. You have been warned.

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The intense groundlessness of a man’s orgasm lasts from one to three seconds.

Women go so far as to be prostitutes to give men as many orgasms as the men can pay for, in the secret hope that in those few orgasmic seconds, the unconscious patriarchal masculine’s monster will get lost and fail to return.

Women hope that, during those two seconds, a man can find a new experiential home in the space of the bliss that opens up during orgasm, because if men could find a new home there, then war would fall away as a masculine interest.

Why has the women’s gameplan not worked out? Why is war-creation, gambling in the investment arena, and getting drunk with the boys while watching soccer on TV more important to men than the space of orgasmic intimacy?

It is because men think that the ecstatic benefits of gambling and war last longer than an orgasm, and is less trouble for them to access.

As those two or three seconds of orgasm subside, women watch in horror as the door to radical intimacy slams shut. Heaven vanishes as if it never existed. Reflexively, women shrink back into their automatic survival strategies as the insatiable narcissistic patriarchal monster returns in full force, as if it had never been away.

Behind the scenes, however, something different happens. The monster desperately scrambles to cover the orgasmic gap, attempting to bury it as ineffectively as a dog kicks back dirt to cover its own shit. Men perceive their orgasmic heavenly gap in space as their greatest weakness.

This brings us to the mind-bending question: if orgasmic groundlessness is your greatest enemy, why do you keep plotting how to get your next orgasm?

Sensing the monster return is when women slip into that aching desperation and horrifying anguish that Gaia feels each time brutish unconscious men kill off another species of life on Earth.

It is modern men — not women — who willfully organize to destroy complex tropical-forest ecosystems, replacing them with monoculture palm-oil trees, genetically modified corn and soybeans, or grassland for raising and as-soon-as-possible killing five-and-a-half million cows each year to supply McDonald’s Corporation with one billion pounds — half-a-billion tons — of raw red hamburger meat (slaughtered, fried, and packed for ‘happy customers’ in one-and-a-half million tons annually of unrecyclable highly toxic polystyrene foam).

Man puts a knife in the feminine heart each time he participates — even as a computer technician, even as a marketing agent, or as a janitor — in exterminating a species which Gaia efforted millions of years to evolve. This equates to men grabbing the babies of their ‘enemies’ by the feet and slamming the backs of their heads against porch posts as in the Bosnian War between Serb, Croat and Bosniak men. It equates to Roman men tossing babies into the air and having a contest to see how many babies they can catch and hold on one spear (sixteen was the winner).

Numb Zombie men unconscionably eradicate miraculous baby species for sport.

Each time a species is killed, Gaia feels a sudden inexplicable emptiness, as dark as a black hole, two hundred species every twenty-four hours, wiped out by men.

No amount of grieving can balance the equation of this loss.

Every reason a man gives for such evil is more incriminating than the last. Words do not have the experiential mass to express the depth of depravity and criminal insanity at work through men.

Why do men do it? What do men gain?

What men gain is the same unquenchable unfulfilling viciously-insane glee that drove Rwandan Hutus to hack to death half-a-million Tutsis using machetes supplied to them by Chinese men.

What men gain is the same Gremlin-rampage-revenge-joy that drove uninitiated ISIS adolescent boys to dynamite irreplaceable four-thousand-year-old archeological wonders at the Temples of Bel and Baalshamin, the Arch of Triumph, and the tetrapylon gateway in the ancient city of Palmyra.

But during those two seconds, does it truly matter if you own more property or get more money? No. The orgasmic space provides everything you authentically long for.

Does it truly matter if your parent’s religious beliefs prevail over others? No.

I beg you to check these things out for yourself, experientially, and not merely understand them here. This is not a catechism. This is time for transformational thinking.

Does it truly matter if one political party wins or not? No.

Does it truly matter if your quarterly profits are larger this year? No.

Does it truly matter if your gang controls more territory than another gang? Or if you are in control of more people than someone else?

Figure this out.

This article claims that it is possible for you to ongoingly live in that opening, that amazing orgasmic space, rich with Freedom, Presence, Possibility, and Being.


Human perceptions depend upon the size of your NOW. Take one breath, and in the case of either war or orgasm, the ecstasy is gone.

But it is possible to shrink your NOW down to a one second expanse, so that within the vast two-second space of an orgasm, you consciously experience Radical Freedom in the Free And Natural Adult Egostate.

In that moment, I invite you to transplant your Point Of Origin exactly there, into the Context of the orgasm space.

From then on, ongoingly Cavitate each further space within the Context of your newly relocated orgasmic Point Of Origin. This is how you continue living there. Just there.

It is fascinating to have Culture To Culture conversations with anyone around you who still remains living within the Context of the Capitalist Patriarchal Empire. In each moment, both Contexts are an option. Which have they chosen? Which have you chosen?

These are exact instructions for an Experiment to try.

Just because you never heard these instructions before does not mean that the Distinctions they refer to do not seriously impact your life.

Decades of independent empirical research show that many things valued in modern civilization, which may have once seemed to hold ultimate importance for you, simply fall away when you relocate your Point Of Origin to the orgasmic space within the two second Context.

The set of skills needed to extract your Point Of Origin from one Context and to transplant it into another Context are very different from the set of skills you learned at school for ‘being a good employee’. These ‘Point Of Origin relocation skills’ are inspirational and energetically empowering, making them revolutionary in nature.

You can approach learning Point Of Origin relocation skills by first shifting out of Defensive Learning (which is the way you were taught to learn in school) and into Expansive Learning (which is the way you learned before you were sent into school).

Then shift out of Verbal Reality (which is a single body centered reality — your mind) and into Experiential Reality (which is Five Body centered reality) so that you can learn to Consciously Feel.

Then you practice detecting and applying the energy and intelligence of your Four Feelings. This includes experientially distinguishing between your Four Feelings and your Four Emotions (especially when your Emotions are Mixed), to the degree that you can Cavitate Space, Hold Space, and Navigate Space for Emotional Healing Processes (EHP) for others, and go through the Liquid States of Emotional Healing Processes yourself.

Knowing what the skills are does not equate to gaining the skills.

Further skills include:

· Being able to Split Your Attention so that you can put your attention on your Attention and notice what you are Noticing. This ignites the ‘Waking State’.

· Being able to put your Attention on your Energetic Center, and use your Intention to move your Energetic Center to your Physical Center, located three fingers beneath your navel and halfway back in your abdomen. Keep your Energetic Center at your Physical Center so that you can be Centered in your own Voice, your own Wants, and your own Authority.

· Being able to Consciously Declare, Consciously Choose, and Consciously Ask, your Three Powers.

· Being able to Minimize your NOW down to the size of one second and endure the intensity of Presence and Clarity simultaneously in all of your Five Bodies in that Minimized NOW, even if this means having to face your Gremlin Violence, your Gremlin Self Cannibalism, your Disjointment, your Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware (S.H.I.T.), your self-installed Barriers and Blocks, your conviction to false Beliefs (All Beliefs are false. Otherwise all Beliefs would be true, and that would be a mad, mad world, wouldn’t it?), your Lying, your Self Deception, your Survival Strategy’s commitment to Resentment and Revenge, and your Psychopathy.

· Being able to be Radically Responsible.

It is not too much to learn these skills, equivalent to a four-year college education.

The question is, where is that college? Where is that Handbook? Where is that Hidden University which takes a Stand for the importance of these relocation skills? Where are the inspired Teams to provide you with refinements on your distinction-set, giving you accurate ongoing course-corrections as you try to learn these skills and distinctions yourself?

If these questions touch you, it is possible that your Quest has begun. You cannot succeed in your Quest alone, yet no one else can accomplish your Quest for you. This is paradoxical. Would you prefer that it be boring?

This article attests to the imminent presence of the Possibility of unleashing your Nonmaterial Value as a Being… a human being… and as a human becoming, in a NOW that is shorter than your orgasm. It is a new map. There are many more new maps where this one came from.



Clinton Callahan

Originator of possibilitymanagement.org trainings, author of No Reason and Conscious Feelings, possibilitator, fun-raiser, memetic engineer. clintoncallahan.org