Basing GNP On Resource Extraction Is Self-Cannibalism

Clinton Callahan
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6 min readApr 10, 2023


Any economic system basing its success on material consumption, either raw or refined, defines wealth as eating yourself: self-cannibalism.

Sure, take a bite out of your arm and your body can derive more calories than you spent by biting off the chunk of flesh, especially if you use a knife instead of just your teeth.

But digestion also consumes energy (transportation, manufacturing, packaging, marketing, delivery, trash collection, and recycling). And then what? Where do you acquire the nutrients needed to heal your self-made wound?

Or do you plan to leave your wound unhealed? It stays there as a toxic waste dump? A tar sands oil refinery? A decommissioned nuclear power generation station? Plastic in the oceans? Methane in the atmosphere? Depleted Uranium bullets you can fire into ‘enemy territory’? Who is the enemy? You think you can dump it into the ocean? You like eating your own feces?

Your strategy is to stay alive by chewing off more and more of your own flesh? By now, with clear-cutting, deep drilling, hilltop removal, and open-pit mines, we are already gnawing the last bits of flesh off the bones of the Earth. You are of the Earth. This is self-cannibalism.

Material-based GNP is a lie, a self-deception of the grandest order.

Human beings do not produce any material Value on Earth.

Instead, we imagine making ourselves fat by eating ourselves. How silly.

An entirely different Gross National Product can be implemented, one that only measures Nonmaterial Value.

Nonmaterial Value is often more valuable than any material currency can pay for.

If you ever received or experienced Nonmaterial Value, you understand how trying to pay with money in exchange for the Clarity or Possibility you received is not a fair exchange. No amount of money can actually pay for a new future.

What is ‘Nonmaterial Value’? It is Value that does not include any materials in its creation.

Nonmaterial Value is value that is not connected to owning, having, possessing, using, repairing, buying, renting, maintaining, selling, mining, processing, designing, manufacturing, storing, stealing, recycling, or transporting material objects. Money is a material object.

Then, if Value is created, it is created by you, the human being.

Instead of city streets lined with shoe shops, clothing fashions, jewelry stores, the latest electronics, automobile showrooms, banks, watch shops, and concept stores, the center of town is a car-free zone, with shops for rage clubs, intimacy cafés, possibility teams, emotional healing process dojos, adulthood initiation centers, 3 phase healing, Torus Technology meetings, and nonmaterial skill-building.

For a modern consumer, it can be difficult to stretch the imagination enough to recognize anything other than material Value.

Nonetheless, it is possible to invite someone to think about something useful that they were never able to think about before. This is an example of creating Nonmaterial Value. In school you learned what to think about. But what are you using to think with? What you think with is neither explored nor expanded in school.

You think with ‘thoughtware’. Upgrading thoughtware as a service is an example of creating Nonmaterial Value.

Since modern culture thoughtware is for the most part uninspected, handed down from generation to generation, you absentmindedly use Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware that permits you to generate only standard human intelligence results, which, at this point, is causing the extermination of life on Earth.

In the outdated definition of GNP, a fisherman goes out and kills fish, then sells the dead fish for money. The more fish he catches and sells, the more he contributes to the GNP. This system incentivizes the extermination of fish. Did the fisherman create the fish? No. He stole them from Earth, from himself. Not only that, but he kills more than he can eat. Even so-called ‘farmed fish’ rely on the whole of Earth’s ecological systems to support the farming process. Of what is the ‘fish food’ made that the fish-farmers feed to the fish on their fish farm? Other fish, of course.

Let’s not be stupid. This is self-cannibalism, amplified to the nth power.

In Nonmaterial Value GNP, you measure the Value which humans create for each other and for the Earth.

Consider this tiny example of what sorts of nonmaterial creations are valuable:

· Delivering authentic adulthood initiatory processes.

· Guiding the decontamination of the adult ego state.

· Transforming unhealed traumatic experiences into solid Matrix as a basis for Adulthood.

· Facilitating gameworld culture-shift through Metaconversations.

· Opening up the way for a person to lower their Numbness Bar.

· Causing adventure.

· Making it possible for someone to become aware of what they were not aware of and entering the Waking State.

· Negotiating intimacy in 5 bodies.

· Upgrading Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware.

· Putting the poop on the table.

· Coaching Radical Relating.

· Providing Emotional Healing Processes (EHP).

· Clarifying and deepening Context in any gameworld.

· Accessing Nothingness and Not-Knowing as resources.

· Creating Possibility.

· Cavitating, Holding, and Navigating nonlinear and unreasonable spaces.

· Accompanying the dying.

· Distilling transformational distinctions.

· Performing memetic surgeries.

· Pulling the rug out from under assumptions, expectations, resentments.

· Relocating the Point Of Origin.

· Dismantling irrelevant gameworlds.

· Igniting the powers of declaring, choosing, and asking.

· Inventing opportunity.

· Shifting ordinary space into extraordinary or archetypal space.

· Using segway phrases to start healing conversations with strangers.

· Jacking-in to Bright Principles and Archetypal Lineage as external resources.

· Stellating conscious anger, fear, sadness, and joy into Archetypal internal resources.

· Building Matrix for enduring the intensity of archetypal love.

· Becoming centered, grounded, and bubbled enough to play full out.

· Building out and inhabiting new next-culture gameworld spaces.

…I could keep going for days, but I simply wanted to reveal how many bridges already exist to next culture — Archiarchy — the culture naturally emerging around the world now that matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course.

In a thriving Archiarchal Culture, there is no money. Money misbehaves because it is a ‘medium of exchange’, supposedly designed to ‘represent value’. However, as a ‘medium’, money is a material object. In a Material-Value-centered culture, money is perceived as having value in and of itself!

Yes, this is naïve and childish to believe that money has value, but uninitiated humans are naïve and childish. As soon as the ‘medium of exchange’ has a perceived value, people try to hoard it in ‘bank accounts’, take any gamble to get more of it, because it is thought to give them ‘security’ and ‘comfort’ and ‘happiness’, which are Fantasy Worlds. Even the Beatles knew that “Money can’t buy you love.”

In Archiarchy, children and adolescents prepare themselves for their Adulthood Initiations which begin around eighteen years of age. From then on, Archans deliver Nonmaterial Value until their last breath. Jobs do not come from employers. Jobs come from your Bright Principles, your Stellated Feelings Archetypes, your Archetypal Lineage, and from E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Office).

In the economics of Nonmaterial Value, there are no employers and employees, no slave-owners and slaves. There are no brands, franchises, absentee ownership, landlords, career-paths, retirement benefits, tax havens, hierarchies, corporate personhood, or non-local authorities. These are all crippling manifestations of a capitalist patriarchal empire.

Capitalist Patriarchal Empire gameworlds are dust on the path of Earth’s experiment of creating an organic creature capable of causing transformation and evolving its experience and expression of consciousness.

As a cultural-transformation Edgeworker, your job is to serve as a bridge from the edges of Patriarchy to the edges of Archiarchy, but doing so leaves you in the uncomfortable position of having to invent and deliver healing, initiation, and transformation processes of immense Nonmaterial Value. This is self-regeneration rather than self-cannibalism.

This is the way.

You will be thriving in the muddy waters of using ‘Transition Currencies’ with one foot anchored in Patriarchy and your other foot anchored in Archiarchy. This demands keeping your Sword Of Clarity to hand, with its point at people’s throats pressing with enough Clarity to understandably Distinguish what the hell you think you are doing to people on both sides of the bridge. Modern culture is designed to promote untransformed gremlins to power positions. You will face many.

Delivering effective transformation is a Nonmaterial Value. This is not in the least bit comfortable, but it is endlessly entertaining. Transformation is the greatest entertainment on Earth.

Economics is at the heart of any culture. Imagine how much wealthier and healthier we become by shifting from an economics of self-cannibalism to an economics of self-regeneration. The path starts with carefully choosing your next step.

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Clinton Callahan

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