It Only Takes One (To Go First)

Gameworld Builder School — Article #2

Anne-Chloé Destremau
22 min readJun 13, 2024


Becoming a Gaian Gameworld Builder is a fresh field of research. Previous explorations laid out a solid foundation for what a Gameworld is, and the technologies that support Gaian Gameworlds to thrive. This research pushes the boundaries of the field even further into practical applications.

A Gaian Gameworld stands out in the morphogenetic field of the Earth as a consciously Cavitated framework that does not abide by the rules of Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware (S.H.I.T.). If you are not aware of the context at work in your interaction, the default unconscious context of the general population prevails. The realm of possibility available is then constrained to what the least aware person can perceive. Have you ever noticed that your Uncontexted interactions tend to level down to mediocrity?

Even when most people choose to remain anonymous in the crowd of collective assumptions, fearing the consequences of sticking their neck out, and even if the same fears grip you, you may be longing for something different.

Our discovery is: It only takes one person to declare a new frame of interaction and creation for an entire Gameworld.

Einstein was one person. He declared the mass-energy equivalence, E=mc². He inhabited a new relationship to the world through his theory of relativity that questioned more than 300 years of established science. These days his name is synonymous with ‘genius’.

I no longer think of Einstein’s geniusness as an anomaly in human design. He ‘simply’ had the free attention to travel into new experiential territories that did not conform to what was known. With that kind of freedom of movement from the entrenched thoughtmaps of the world, he accessed the Unknown as a resource for Discovery and Possibility.

Can you have access to this kind of genius? I think so. What does it take for someone, someone like you, to develop the ability to step out of any unconsciously agreed-upon context? What Memetic Inner Structure gives you access to the necessary awarenesses specific to building and stewarding evolutionary Gaian Gameworlds?

It turns out that the steps to remove the blocks to liberate a Gaian Gameworld Builder are significant. My invitation is to read this article until you no longer understand what you read. At that point, stop reading. Your next step is to develop absurdly effective skills in the domain that stopped you from understanding. Consider this article as one of the roadmaps on the Path of a Gameworld Builder. Come back to where you left off when you are ready to take your next steps.

Last but not least, everyone has built a unique matrix of Distinctions in their Being. It means each person interacts with the world differently. Your next useful experiment depends on what you discover is missing in the particular structure of your matrix. This explains why the nine territories explored below do not have a particular order.

The evolutionary Path starts where your feet stand right now.

#1 Frustration.

#2 Possibility Arrogance.

#3 Experimentation.

#4 The Uninhibited Analytical Mind.

#5 Radical Connection To Reality.

#6 Fear That Nobody Will Do It.

#7 Your Team Is A Field.

#8 Going ‘Crazy’.

#9 Recognition Of Magic.

#1 Frustration.

When ‘you have had enough’… When you decide “I am mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” When you finally get pissed off about ‘how things are,’ then you have built up enough energy to drop the Baggage that has stopped you from taking remedial actions. Much of your self-undermining originates in your emotional fear of being identified as a trouble-maker and killed (again). You protect yourself by hauling old decisions such as “I want to be understood, accepted, or loved by my Team’’ as if they are indisputable necessities. You might Believe that your ‘nice person’ act can keep you safe. But then, so much of your energy is consumed by adapting yourself to fit into a Zombie-slave culture that you have little left for Conscious Creation.

When you allow your outRage to become bigger than your childish illusion of safety, it is a sign that you are Growing Up. You painfully notice that your Child Egostate values interfere with your adult intentions to play full out. It is possible to let your Fantasy Worlds float back into the past where they came from.

Experiment with lowering your Numbness Bar to your own outRageousness so that you can discern ordinary thoughtware in action while using less than 10% of your Conscious Anger. The more you can Radically Rely on the information of your low intensity Anger, the more efficient you become at declaring a new context in the instant it is required. You no longer have to make yourself implode to fit in with the crowds, or explode to separate ties with the ordinary. You now have access to the resources to transform your personal context out of the ordinary into extraordinaryness.

I know of no better way than delivering Rage Club to prepare your physical nervous system to experience and inhabit the domain of Archetypal Anger as your new home. Use your own Rage Club (as a participant or a spaceholder) to develop a radical respect for the information and energy that your unbridled anger gives you. Develop your Possibility Arrogance.

#2 Possibility Arrogance.

Arrogance has gained a negative reputation because its ordinary original purpose is to help you survive by way of superiority, competition, and domination. When your Arrogance becomes conscious, you use it for a different purpose, primarily to create what never existed before. Being Consciously Arrogant is Radically Relying on your own Authority to make use of the information and energy of your inner and outer Resources, even — especially — when those impulses seem contrary to the Assumptions of the current space, or when no one else seems to Notice what you perceive.

Who are you waiting for to give you the official permission to create inconceivable solutions to impossible problems? When every facet of the Patriarchal capitalist imperial culture needs to be reinvented and the self-proclaimed ‘authorities’ of said culture have no interest in being dethroned, it is not only foolish but suicidal to expect that someone will discover you and give you the job that you are already on Earth to do.

Being consciously Arrogant is authorizing yourself to relocate your Authority to your Being. Your first experiment in being Arrogant is this: right now, open your Beep! Book to a new page, write out a License that declares: “I, (name), hereby authorize myself to relocate my Authority into my own Being. I give myself permission to radically rely on the information and energy of my own inner and outer resources. I grant myself power to choose even from options that are not offered on the current menu. I license myself to update this license whenever I decide it might be necessary.” Sign it with the date and your name. Have you done it? Yes? Ok, then.

Being Arrogant is, no matter what happens, you do not step back from your intention. It is irrelevant that you Do Not Know how it goes, or that no one understands you. Those conditions no longer hold sway over you. They, in fact, signal the Edge of the known world and the invitation to leap directly into new Potential. You allow Conscious Arrogance to persist in your experimentation no matter what.

It is a scary thing to suggest to an entire population of genius Gameworld Builders to arrogantly act under their own recognizance at the risk of empowering any extremely well-defended and well-justified unconscious Gremlin to ‘do whatever the hell they want’ and be righteous about it under the banner of ‘Being Arrogant’. One of the traps of gaining Clarity is that your clever Gremlin can hijack your language to serve its own survival purposes, and along the way, fool you about what is really going on. (Avoiding any misunderstanding, I do not mean that Clarity can serve the ‘dark side’. Clarity is a Bright Principle. Gremlins can, however, twist the language of Clarity.)

At the same time, how can you be an Archan Gameworld Builder and not be Arrogant?

If you are not Arrogantly grounded in your own experiential perceptions, then you are Hookable by any of the rules you Believe to be immovably true. From the perspective of a Gameworld Builder, there is no such thing as an immovable rule. There is only Radically Responsible Choosing, followed by consequences. Karma does exist. Action and inaction (and fake action…) have consequences in Reality.

How do you talk to other Arrogant Possibilitators who are themselves not bound by belief-based morality, niceties, social constructs, assumptions, expectations, conclusions, judgments, projections, opinions, beliefs or even protocols? Even more, how do you collaborate with each other?

A more appropriate question is: How can you talk with each other and collaborate with each other if you are not Unhookable in the face of morality, niceties, social constructs, assumptions, expectations, conclusions, judgments, projections, opinions, beliefs or even protocols?

There is only one way to find the answers to these crucial Questions: Experiment!

#3 Experimentation.

Experimenting is hacking Reality in uncharted territories. The mark of a Gameworld Builder is running multiple experiments in a bunch of territories at the same time. The term for this kind of wild collaborative research was coined by Frank Herbert in the novel Dune. He calls it the ‘Tansley Effect’. It beats competition every time as a protocol for finding new solutions. Competition is racing down the same rabbit hole as fast as possible. The Tansley Effect is persisting in your own experiment knowing that others are doing the same, while convening regularly to learn from each other.

Multi-prong experimentation is a way to keep yourself — and your Gremlin — from getting bored. Boredom is a tragic but too often real hazard for geniuses. Previously, to escape boredom, you may have crystallized psycho-emotional patterns that concoct neurotic distractions for yourself. You whip up combobulated pathetic stories about your worthlessness, you provoke unnecessary Low Drama arguments with your partner or Team, you invoke farfetched expectations to be licensed to plot Revenge.

After some work in loosening the grip of your Emotional Reactivity on your world through doing Emotional Healing Processes and Authentic Adulthood Initiations, there will come a time when you are ready to step beyond — almost all at once — your well-known Survival patterns. You recognize that you can get out the same way you got in. You get bored with bowing down to your internal Voices, your standardized Emotional circus. Lower your Numbness Bar to your own Boredom, and get bored with the ordinariness of survival. Listen to your Gremlin admit to you that s/he is bored with it too.

Your Gremlin is waiting for you to give them a challenge worth their talents. Experimenting can become one of the most exciting forms of entertainment in your Life. Try this. Try that. When your experiments fail — because they will, much more than they will succeed — try something else. Document your experiments along the way so others can find your tracks in articles, websites, videos, newsletters, and books.

Do your own personal Experiments. Then, move on to source Experiments for your Teams, and then for Teams of Teams. You may even have the job of training Spaceholders to create experiments for themselves and their Team.

There is no top end to the scope and direction of your Experiments. The point is not to find THE Experiment that works, that is the American-copyrighted-scarcity ‘I am the hero’ game. Instead, the invitation is to Experiment as an extraordinary source of ecstasy in your Life.

Where do you find your next Experiments? In territories being explored by an Uninhibited Analytical Mind.

#4 The Uninhibited Analytical Mind.

Your mind has been stifled in public schools, where they hoped you would become an economic slave. On top of that, you may have engaged in ‘spiritual practices’ that blame your mind as the root cause of your ailments. On both accounts, your mind has been abandoned to its own devices, and the results are questionable.

What I Propose for Gaian Gameworld Builders, is to develop an Uninhibited Analytical Mind, a mind that can do clear analytical thinking unrestricted by previously established thought patterns. An uninhibited mind stands on the validity of its own evolutionary model for thinking.

It is possible for your mind to come back from eighteen-plus years of zombie-slave brainwashing in schools. You can enter the process of Unschooling your mind. The path is to take back control of your perspectives, what you Notice, what you Conclude, what you Choose and Ask and Declare. Then what you perceive does not come from what is known, but rather comes from what is. You stand exposed, outside of your Box. It is such a terrifying thing to do because your Box goes crazy with this kind of experiment. You have been taught that Reality is what can be put into words (Verbal Reality) and what can be known (Defensive Learning). Only there can you be safe. But is this really true? Is this the limited world human beings are designed to survive in? I don’t think so.

Unleashing Uninhibited Analytical Minds is the core purpose of the Path offered in Possibility Management, a Path that includes wildly eclectic matrix building experiments, healing processes and Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes. This Treasure is shared openly and for free in over six hundred and fifty interlinked websites at, creating a transformational maze of distinctions and experiments. Each website invites you noteworthy experiments to release your mind from its blinding limitations.

An indispensable Tool to unbridled your mind is an activated Bullshit Detector which shrieks its warning even if the Bullshit comes from yourself. Eventually you may emerge in the clearing where all stories lose their hypnotic power and can no longer ‘snap’ your mind into their politicized viewpoints. The orientation that things are known, important, proper, civilized, appropriate, convenient, legitimate or fair is all bullshit. Your mind has then a chance to shift into loving the Unknown more than the Known.

As you shed off the layers of Bullshit, your original externally-placed points-of-reference wither under the indisputable resilience of Reality. When you relocate your Point-of-Origin to an ever-evolving minimized NOW in the Present, you need new navigational Thoughtware to take extraordinary action, such as a steadfast Compass of Reality calibrated on a resilient Inner Structure.

There are clear symptoms of having a ‘weak’ Inner Structure. For example, if 90% of your time is spent giving your Center away, giving Reasons, making up Justifications, creating excuses, feeling Resentment, and so on, it is a sign that you are Addicted to being Adaptive. You could also be Addicted to being a Victim, in which case, you cannot stop pitying yourself because you think ‘everyone is attacking me’ and then plotting Revenge. Or you might not be able to stop yourself from triggering yourself in the unconscious ecstasy of being overwhelmed, or your particular version of Swamp. A ‘weak’ Inner Structure cannot relate to the fabric of Reality, and has even less Agency for participating in its evolution.

An elegantly simple Inner Structure is the framework on which your mind’s analytical properties thrive. The term ‘Analytical’ does not mean ‘for analysis’. Analytical, in this case, means investigative of new Possibility while having two feet solidly planted in Experiential Distinctions.

The unique perceptions of your Archetypal Lineage, and your Conscious Commitments, ‘pull’ your free attention towards new Possibilities needed to bridge ‘What Is’ over to ‘What Can Become’. When you stand close enough to Reality, your Declarations not only describe ‘What Is’ but also begin to Source What Is. As Reality is happening to you, you are happening to Reality. You effortlessly roll into new Potential, because your Point Of Origin is moved from the Position of having an Identity, to the Process of being moved into ever more Potential. Your new identity includes the potential of Potential.

How can you detect if your perceptions are accurate? Perceptions have a Purpose. Accurate perceptions are mapped onto the Purpose of the Universe: Evolution, Consciousness, Responsibility and Love. At first, you will not be able to detect the Purpose of your actions. But when you gain skills for Noticing and Distinguishing the Purpose of the Stories that heretofore unconsciously added to your perceptions, the Purpose reveals itself in the Results you create. Only by seeing precisely how you create your current Results do you gain the Possibility of creating New Results. Then you can start creating extraordinary New Results for others.

At this point, it might help you to recognize that Consciousness At Large is on your side. Consciousness wants to unfold through being discovered and seen. Greater Consciousness reveals itself along the journey from ‘freaking out’ due to being afraid of fear, to making fear your friend enough that it helps you to see ‘What Is Actually There’.

#5 Radical Connection To Reality.

Beware! Untrained minds love fooling their owners by slipping into self-made Fantasy Worlds thinking that what they think about is real (‘I can do it on my own.’ ‘Nobody wants to be with me.’ ‘I am right. They are wrong.’). A Fantasy World empowers your Box to be safe, and disempowers you to create any measurable new real results. If you are not creating new things in your Life, consider that you might be seriously trapped inside of a worldview created by one or more Fantasy Worlds.

An Uninhibited Mind has an unremovable point-to-point connection with Reality. Whereas, in a Fantasy World, you have no connection with Reality. Your attraction to the Fantasy World view is fueled by the lack of having to pay a real price. In a Fantasy World, pain does not lead to taking Responsibility. If there is pain, it is self-pity, and there is an increasingly available supply of brain drugs for alleviating this grievous ailment.

A Radically Responsible connection to Reality can be described as an accurate sense of the ‘strength of materials’, whether the material is physical, emotional, energetic, intellectual, memetic, or archetypal. The opportunity to radically connect with Reality is available in every moment. You do not have to go anywhere or do anything extra to test and develop your connection. Look around. Where do you put your cup on the table? Is it too close to the edge that it might tip over and break? Is your room clean enough to create the energetic Drala needed for your work? Are you Centered, Grounded, Bubbled with your Sword to hand? Are you in a self-Cavitated and self-Contexted cultural space? If not, why not? What thinking pattern allows you to assume that if you are not in First Position you are not setting yourself up for Reactivity, Hooks, and the Swamp where you have dedicated your life and your love to feeding your unconscious uninitiated Gremlin?

The horror of the situation is revealed if you notice that most of your thinking patterns are based in Verbal Reality. You were hammered into a deluded relationship to the world where words appear to win over matter. You might think, for example, that a good Reason can relieve you from Responsibility, or that it is possible to be a victim. In a Radically Responsible universe, irresponsibility or victimhood are illusions. But the human mind has this uncanny ability to think thoughts that have no relationship to Reality, such as justifications, expectations, assumptions, beliefs, positions, conclusions, and stories. Verbal Reality will block you from developing a 5 Body sense of the strength of materials. The Liquid State involves shifting into Experiential Reality, where your relationship to the world happens through sensing instead of ‘wording’. Words become only a bridge to decode your experience into a transmittable format so that you can send it to another human being.

When you are Radically Relating to Reality, the memetic constructs residing in a person, a team, or yourself, become increasingly visible. You can learn to immediately Scan for which results the memes create, and therefore determine their compatibility in fulfilling the desired Purpose. You could also continue on this practical learning journey and become absurdly effective in meme-transformation.

From the perspective of a Gameworld Builder, what becomes interesting is to be able to notice and roll whole Gameworlds into new Memetic Structures that could unleash their heretofore dormant Potentials. Without this Radical connection to Reality, new unpredictable Possibilities remain invisible. Your personal or organizational Box may feel relaxed in the false security that its seemingly controlled environment is not perturbed. But your soul may be longing for a wilder ride.

#6 Fear That Nobody Will Do It.

This article opens a number of doors for new ways to relate with the world. Some of these proposals might seem crazy or unreachable. Many of these Doors activate subtle and refined dimensions of Noticing and Navigating that rely on but go beyond your ability to Feel your Feelings Consciously.

This Doorway however circles back to the basic skill of Inner Navigation. Your Conscious Fear drags many faculties in its wake. One that you might not have experimented with is using your Fear as a force for action.

An Experiment you could try is to place the following Quest in the territory of your Fear: If you do not take the risks in front of you, who will? If not now, when? These are scary Quest-ions because they open the Pandora’s Box question: Who is actually responsible? For what? To what degree?. The answers might then be: “I am.” “For what I want.” “Much more than I think.”

Instead of being offended, or abused, or triggered by the ‘unfairness’ that whatever you want does not already exist, what about being afraid that if you do not do it, then it will really never be done? Consider who would not be seen, helped, or encouraged if your wish is not implemented. What would then happen to the genius children, sorceresses, healers and spaceholders? What would never become an ordinary reality, such as food gardens in everyone’s backyard, people coming together for consciousness expansion instead of the illusion of ‘making a profit’, Bridge-Houses in every city for young people to go meet their Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Processes, the end of the plastic area… The possibilities of what is not yet there are endless. Can you see them? Do you feel them? The missing element for those miracles to occur iis you.

Are you now afraid enough to Go?

If you are triggered into past childhood emotional fears instead, for example being afraid of not being enough, not knowing how, not (fill in the sentence),…), please write them down as Emotional Healing Processes in the last page of your Beep! Book and title that page ‘MY NEXT EHPs’. Then ask for spaceholders to hold space for you, and transform these unconscious fears into new identities.

Unfortunately, if you are Addicted to rescuing ‘others’ or ‘the world’ as the basis for your ‘self esteem’, this Experiment cannot be your next step. Rescuing is a set-up from your Gremlin to have full license to take Revenge when ‘all those poor people’ that you have tried to ‘help’ do not express enough obsequious gratitude towards you. Rescuing is a nasty Low Drama game. If that is your situation, listen to the entire worktalk held by Vera Franco: The Wicked Consequences of Rescuing, and start your Gremlin Transformation.

If you leap into a Radically Responsible Archetypal relationship to this world, instructions from your Fear are ‘gifts from the goddess’. Developing enough matrix to sense the instructions, notice them, and do something about them, is, in and of itself, your destiny. What are you going to do about it?

#7 Your Team Is A Field.

If someone asks you, “Who is on your Team?”, your first impulse might be to name the individuals who empower you on your Path. The Thoughtware telling you that you can know the people on your Team locks you down in a personal relationship with Team instead of an archetypal one.

Personal relationships are so often contaminated with assumptions, expectations, unmet childhood ‘needs’, and beliefs about how you should behave towards each other. How many times have you not spoken up because you were afraid that your Team would misinterpret your ideas? Have you ever been resentful towards a team member for ‘going away’, or finding their own way? Have you ever been manipulated into staying in a Team or relationship long after you grew out of it? These are just a few of the consequences of relating to your team members as ‘your Team’.

What if you considered that your Team is not a known group of individuals, but instead your Team is whoever is collaborating within the evolving field of research that you are stewarding? You could have someone show up for fifteen minutes, get and give what they need, and then go about their Growness spreading your current field of research. You would then be part of an amorphous flock of Edgeworkers flying in murmurations according to their needs in relationship to the research and value that you provide.

This alternative relationship to your Team functions according to Archetypal principles instead of personal ones, which might be limited to a need for friendship. Without having to fight or argue with other people’s expectations, you simply sidestep them by having a different purpose: Collaborative Discovery instead of relationship. You are then unattackable by their Boxes. You hold a big-picture vision when their Gremlin argues for a small picture win. Because your context swallows their context, you can maintain fruitful Connection without entering war.

As you more and more align yourself with the Archetypal structuring of the Universe, you might notice the Infinite support that exists out there for your endeavors. Actions that before demanded much of your Attention become effortless. Blockages that previously appeared insurmountable fall off as you roll into new identities. You find yourself allowing E.C.C.O.’s synchronicities to flow in your formations. The energy you recover from disentangling yourself from ordinary considerations can then be directed towards spontaneously forming, navigating, and dismantling Teams at will. It can really be like that.

#8 Going ‘Crazy’.

The ability to go ‘Crazy’, especially with regards to your own Box’s judgments, is a necessity for effective Gameworld Building. It is possible to live in a relationship to the world where your ‘shit’ — your Underworld, your Box’s Emotional Reactivity — occupy less of your Attention than your Conscious Creation does. In other words, your Box becomes less interesting than your Life. To any ordinary person, that could be a definition of insanity. For you, it may begin to seem crazier to stay inside of an uninitiated adolescent ‘Good Girl’ / ‘Good Boy’ Survival Strategy than to invest your energy, attention, and love into leaving behind obsolete modern culture gameworlds and building and inhabiting new Archan gameworlds.

You might think it is socially correct that your friends should evolve at the same rate as you. Your Memetic Construct might be forcing you to act as a ‘good person’ or a ‘trustworthy friend’, thus preventing you from ‘betraying’ your friends’ trust by evolving. You would also attract future friends and clients whose worldview matches your artificially stunted one. If you are suspicious that you might be carrying such a Memetic Construct, ask for a Deconstruction Process. Disentangling yourself from established construct-based relationships can be quite shocking for your friends. You might receive the feedback that you are ‘mean’ or ‘insensitive’, or that people ‘do not recognize you anymore’, or that ‘you have been taken over by a religion’. In reality, you do not have to do anything about their feedback. Just keep moving. New friends await you on the other side of your Evolution.

As you let the social constructs of your Box fall off, you are able to Scan for qualities and possibilities that you could not see before because your Box moved them aside as ‘impossible’ or unimaginably ‘crazy’. For example, you may be keeping yourself naive instead of accessing ‘street wisdom’ from the dark cleverness of the human Survival Strategy. If you are no longer a ‘Good Person’, it could come as a disquieting realization that other people are also not ‘Good People’, that most people live in survival, and that their main (perhaps, only) offer for intimacy is Gremlin evil, Child manipulation or Parent control. And it had been like this the whole time. Suddenly you gain the possibility of imagining that the world might be worse than you ever thought it was.

During this chapter of your awareness expansion journey, you may wonder if your are going insane. What is actually happening is that you are building Scanning skills based in a more radical connection to reality. For example, you might have carried the worldview that completely denies Self Abuse and its ramifications. On the other side of the spectrum, you might have carried a worldview that only permitted self-abuse, and that nothing else is possible. Everybody else is lying. Tossing both your awful and fantastical Fantasy Worlds into the ‘meat grinder’ of moment-to-moment reality can free up a future for yourself you never suspected was possible.

#9 Recognition Of Magic.

Going first beyond the edges of a culture’s thoughtware limitations feels exactly like stepping off of a cliff. Following in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, we Gameworld Builders can help each other by acknowledging that something can appear out of nothing. And once you see what you are seeing with, and you see what you see, we can help each other develop the capacity to Radically Rely on our recognitions. That is the kind of magic that can happen in Gameworld Building School.

Making something appear out of nothing is not a stage entertainer’s ‘hat trick’. Instead it depends on you leaning on your ability to go ‘lunatic’ about a potential until the potential stabilizes into the domains that others can perceive as possible. First, everyone else thinks what is unfolding is bonkers, because they don’t understand, because it threatens their established lifestyle, because they feel so much fear of losing their identity if you are correct. You have to live there long enough to demonstrate that, “No, it is not crazy. See! It works!” So many of the Archetypal Initiations, the Growing Up Processes, the Thoughtware Upgrades, the Distinctions, and the context itself of Possibility Management come from this Conscious form of stubbornness.

As for now, modern culture’s Morphogenetic Field is NOT on your side. The news, social media, movies, tv shows, newspaper reports, wars, profit oriented manipulations of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex in bed with government institutions, military-industrial corporations pumping out weapons, etc., shower you with overwhelming evidence that a Radically Responsible culture centered on Expansion of Consciousness and Love is not only impossible, but also ridiculous. Two magical actions are at your disposal: Spin your Energetic Body, and take Radical Responsibility for where you put Your Attention. Where your Attention goes, your Energy flows. Merely selecting a new recipient for your Attention can grow an entirely new Garden of Eden.

Here are three experiments for you.

  1. Practice Speaking From the Unknown. At first, your speaking might come out all gibberish. Do not worry. Keep letting a Force that is not limited by the current Construct of the field speak through you with the Purpose of expanding what the space can hold. The Experiment is to stand at a market place, a plaza, or a main street, stand on a crate or a rock, and let the Unknown speak through you to the space and the people passing by. Here is a video of one Trainer who did this.
  2. Make the Box of the Space Optional. Click your Clicker and shrink down the Box of the Space to a ten centimeter cube resting in the palm of your hand. By this action, you are making the current Memetic Structure optional. Then you are no longer bound by the ordinary limitations as to what you can deliver in the way of new Clarity and new Possibility. Hang out in the space you just created where beliefs, assumptions, conclusions, positions, judgements no longer have a hold on you. Keep breathing and speaking.
  3. Build a Crazy Gameworld that self-destructs after only fifteen minutes. I suggest that you avoid childish or ‘touchy-feely’ ‘craziness’ and instead design particularly challenging verbal, emotionally communicative, and collaborative Rules Of Engagement for your temporary Gameworld. Explain your Rules Of Engagement to the people in your Team, and be ‘fanatical’ about sticking to them. If you do this Experiment more than once, you may find, as I did, that half the time, something astonishingly useful emerges. Remember the Three Rules Of Possibility Management: 1. Don’t physically hurt yourself. 2. Don’t physically hurt others (or things). 3. Don’t get arrested.

This article shares recently invented precisions for Gameworld Builder Experiments. By sometimes going first on audacious adventures rather than waiting around for everyone to all go together, you build a magical talent for creating ‘Yellow Brick Roads’ leading to rich new territories that others can more courageously travel when they find your work. This can become a Gameworld Builder’s powerful ace up their sleeve.



Anne-Chloé Destremau

Emerging regenerative cultures (Archiarchy) on Earth one thoughtware upgrade at a time. Possibility Management Trainer & Memetic Engineer.