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Clinton Callahan
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6 min readJan 16, 2022


You are Player One. This game starts here with you, your perceptions, ideas, feelings, desires, decisions, the options you see to choose from, your skills at implementing and improvising. We start in three, two, one…

But wait! This is your everyday life! You are already frantically doing now everything you can think of that is best for you. How is it working out so far? The question is, what are you unable to think of that could drastically improve your life and the world?

Let us agree that you are now at the beginning of a new game. In this game you get to start over again and again, without penalty, as often as you want, trying out new actions.

And we add in one mysterious factor: anamnesia.


The word ‘amnesia’ means ‘to have forgotten what you were already aware of’.

The word ‘anamnesia’ means ‘to remember again what you once already knew about but had somehow forgotten’.

I claim that deep inside of you, beneath the hype, buried under years of submitting yourself to the vagaries of an insane culture, if you cast aside your inhibitions and your feigned cynicism, you will find a wealth of visceral clarity about how you would rather live your life. Not killing the planet, not beating down the less privileged, not creating so much plastic garbage, not cut off from Earth and her creatures, not numbly trying to hurry up and cheat potential friends out of every last dollar, and not NOT giving a damn.

Perhaps you already know that the author behind such films as Bladerunner, Minority Report, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, and The Adjustment Bureau, is Philip K. Dick. Less well known is a short prayer Philip inscribed in the forward of one of his novels: “I wish to encounter a disinhibiting factor that will trigger my anamnesia.”

Ready Player One to encounter a ‘disinhibiting factor’ that can trigger your anamnesia. The disinhibiting factor is


Since the first day of your life, you were pressured with amnesia: to forget about what you already knew would give your life value, what was important to you. You were forced to join the patriarchy and play out a vicious zombie role, pretending to fit into a psychotic culture where uninitiated adolescent boys try to dominate each other, take whatever they can steal from women and the Earth, trying to avoid consequences and responsibility.

Now you get a chance to start over. You are Player One in the game ( What are you brave enough to remember? Are you ready to reclaim what truly inspires you? To follow your nose and let your personal interests lead? Are you ready to let authentic curiosity expose you to learning something you did not know that you did not know about? Can you trust your intuition about where to explore next, which experiment to try, who to connect with in a 3Cell, which transformational proposal to make?

POSSIBILITY is a free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline matrix-building thoughtware-upgrade personal-transformation true-life adventure-game with over five-hundred interconnected websites. Each space offers doorways to twenty or more other spaces. By doing the experiments and registering your Matrix Codes in your free account, you add new territory to your awareness and competence, in reality, not in a fantasy world. Plus, you add awareness to the human morphogenetic field. By upgrading your own thoughtware, you upgrade human thoughtware on Earth.

What happens when you gain competence in an area you never knew competence could be gained? Because it was never offered at school, not advertised on TV, not shown on the evening news? What happens when you can provide distinctions and navigate into territories that most people are not even aware exist? What happens when you face what most consider to be a wall, yet you have the tools to outline, open, and enter through a nonlinear possibility doorway into new space, and bring others with you?

The answer is that you represent a new Possibility. People can come to you for receiving this Possibility themselves. Being a doorway to this new Possibility becomes your new profession. You provide a value so high it can hardly be paid for. You become a ‘Possibilitator’ in this particular area.


The game welcomes you to thousands of valuable Possibilities which you can then offer others to better their lives. This is all copyleft, open code thoughtware. What sorts of Specialties are we talking about? Here are a few examples:

· Become centered and grounded enough to declare, ask about, and choose from options you did not have to choose from before. Plus create these options for others.

· Heal from the confusing and disempowering survival strategies you adopted as a child, then ignite valuable potentials and knacks that you have been repressing.

· Reconnect your voice to your intuition, clarity, inspiration, and true commitments so you can take a stand in the world and cause what you want to exist.

· Navigate through projections, assumptions, expectations, judgements, stories, resentments, and revenge back into powerful collaborative connections.

· Stand before others and heal your fear of connection by being radically honest about what you cannot commit to in them.

· Identify debilitating decisions you made about yourself, others, and the world, and make and inhabit new decisions.

· Make effective boundaries, say what you want, and negotiate intimacy that works for you and for others.

· Free yourself from emotionally reactive buttons, hooks, triggers, and traumas, and help others do the same.

· Help teams and groups shift out of hierarchical tyranny and into effective circular meetings that unleash immense creative potentials.

· Navigate profound Emotional Healing Processes for your clients and colleagues, and provide authentic adulthood initiatory processes.

· Source distinctions that set extraordinary context for holding and navigating transformational spaces.

· Etc.

These resources are limitless because they are nonmaterial. They do not consume plants, minerals, or animals. They do not deplete nature or pollute with toxic byproducts and wastes. These are the kinds of treasures that remain abundant because the more you can give them away, the bigger they grow. game space is unlimited because it functions in the nonmaterial domains.


The exciting thing about is that playing the game has consequences in reality, in your daily life, in the ways you can relate to others and be effective and creative with what is Possible.

Long ago you came here with a vision, a plan to contribute to life on this gorgeous and richly endowed planet, to make it a better place for everyone. Then modern culture trampled your vision with survival imperatives. Fit in or die! You chose to fit in.

Now the game changes. The system they provided you to fit into is exterminating life on Earth at the fastest possible rate. That plan has lost all legitimacy. Anyone who follows that plan is criminally insane. Anyone who defends or enforces that plan has already forfeited their life. You are able to take more responsibility than the existing systems.

Player One: you’re on. Reinvent the game. Go sideways. Reclaim your place. Provide value. Unfold your part. Start over. Build out the context and rules of engagement for new gamespace that you and others inhabit. It does not have to be perfect. It merely has to be different. This is not about fighting against the existing systems. They have become irrelevant. There is no enemy. You are a force of evolution… when playing full out.

The only barriers are inside of you, your unconscious fears, your decisions to hide out and never play again, to be a ‘nice girl’ or ‘good boy’, to stay invisible and silent, to hold back your talents. By doing experiments you learn new ways to take care of yourself. Your resentments and blocks do not apply anymore. A new future stands at your feet.

You cannot proceed alone. There are other Player Ones around you to team-up with. Bring them together. Make your fears conscious. Reconsider your old decisions. Try the next experiment. Record your Matrix Points. Today, Player One makes a difference. You are Player One.



Clinton Callahan

Originator of trainings, author of No Reason and Conscious Feelings, possibilitator, fun-raiser, memetic engineer.