Written Input for the Preparation of the Zero Draft of the Pact for the Future from Possibility Management

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Possibility Management is a ‘Civil Society Organization’, part of the ‘third sector’ of society, distinct from government and business. Possibility Management is a loose global affiliation of an estimated 100,000 self-motivated Edgeworkers who research and implement regenerative thoughtware upgrades for Archiarchy since 1973 (the date of the first PM contexted Bridge-House).

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The United Nations has just scheduled a Summit For the Future, 22–23 September 2024, and has asked for written proposals that contain concise, concrete, and action-oriented recommendations structured around the elements of the Pact for the Future: Chapeau, Chapter I. Sustainable development and financing for development, Chapter II. International peace and security, Chapter III. Science, technology and innovation and digital cooperation, Chapter IV. Youth and future generations, Chapter V. Transforming global governance.

The following set of proposals have just been submitted in the name of Possibility Management. The limit was 2000 words maximum.



Albert Einstein was right about the atom bomb. It is probable that he was also right when he said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them… A new type of thinking is required if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” What Einstein neglected to provide us with is the formula for that ‘new kind of thinking’. Since 1973, precisely this is what we have been secretly working on.

After 50 years of solid, empirical, privately-funded research in small groups in Europe and the Americas, it is our moral obligation to report that we have discovered thoughtware upgrades that form the basis of Archiarchy — the culture which is rapidly emerging around the world under the radar, now that Matriarchy and Patriarchy have run their course.

Archiarchy is centered on:

· Regenerative Infrastructures (Seeking ’sustainability’ is faulty thinking, suspiciously naïve. Sustainability is no longer a valid concept. Nothing in modern culture can be sustained without continuing to exterminate life on Earth at the fastest possible rate. Human presence on Earth needs to be regenerative.)

· Authentic Adulthood-Initiatory Processes (Archiarchy places its highest value on Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Process instead of glorifying GNP and the ‘profits’ of financial structures that monetize what remains of nature at the fastest possible rate for the ‘financial gain’ of a few. Modern culture is putting uninitiated adolescent/psychopathic personalities in positions of power!)

· Nonmaterial Value (Material resources are limited. Nonmaterial resources are not. How primitive to base economics on something that only has the value of being scarce. Nonmaterial Value provides more value than money can pay for, and its potentials are limitless.)

· Creative Collaboration between archetypally initiated adult women and archetypally initiated adult men.

The personal, educational, economic, agronomic, institutional, business, governance, and spiritual shift to Archiarchy is the adventure of our time. We realize that at first these may seem like radical proposals, but we think you will agree that anything less than this is already known to be pitifully insufficient.

Chapter I. Sustainable development and financing for development

There are two forms of ‘development’: development in size, and development in quality. Our proposal starts with forbidding development in size (more, bigger, faster), and replacing it with massive global training for development in quality. ‘Development in quality’ means training in centering, grounding, bubbling, presence, Emotional Healing Processes (EHP), connection, communication, upgrading thoughtware, increasing awareness, localizing authority, gameworld building skills, Torus Meeting Technology skills, building ‘matrix’ for engaging higher levels of responsibility, nonmaterial skillbuilding, inner navigation, and eventually personal connection with archetypal nonmaterial resources.

If you ‘follow the money,’ it is simple to distinguish if a project described as ‘sustainable development’ is greenwashing for profit, or building regenerative nonmaterial infrastructure that enhances the health and diversity of the ecosystems of Earth. There is plenty of legitimate documentation revealing the failure of modern culture’s governance, financial, military and legal systems to create a bright future for humanity on Earth. Obviously complicit is modern citizens’ lack of authentic adulthood initiation. Modern citizens are trained by media and school to be gullible, and modern corporations are designed to ‘fleece the sheep’, lusting to satisfy an endless void by bamboozling to gain short term ‘profits’. In a closed ecosystem such as a planet, there is no such thing as ‘profit’. If full costs are disclosed, it always costs more to refine something than that thing can be sold for. The only question is who pays those hidden costs.

If the economic system allows costs to be ‘externalized’ to future generations, to third world countries, or to nature at large, this is an economics of ecocide. The time of feigning ignorance of consequences is over. Material development enslaves the poor and funnels resources into coffers of the already rich. It is not for lack of money that extreme poverty and hunger are on the rise. This is the essence of economics of ecocide at work. Global emissions, human displacement, ocean desertification, climate catastrophes, armed conflict, corporate agriculture, weapons of mass destruction (including Depleted-Uranium-tipped ‘Bunker Buster’ bombs being shipped from USA into Ukraine and Israel), politicized pandemics, and the risks associated with new technologies are at their highest levels in human history.

Here is the next generation strategy:

Forbid any organization from participation which uses a hierarchical power structure. Hierarchy is a modern culture organizational design-error that promotes psychopathological personalities up the ranks. This is why hierarchical organizations around the world are top-heavy with psychopaths.

Forbid any organization from participating that is incorporated and can hide in the legal charade of ‘corporate personhood’. Corporations are themselves psychopaths, and by now it is shockingly clear that the psychopathic agenda does not include creating a bright future for life on Earth.

Forbid the ‘corporocratic economic hitman’ tactics of the World Bank, the IMF, and any country or bank making unrepayable loans to ‘develop local infrastructure’ which they will later repossess and use for their own purposes.

Forbid any religious-based organization from participating, including religious-based governments. A country is a gameworld. A religion is a gameworld. Just because a gameworld exists does not mean it has any place in Archiarchy.

Regenerative development on Earth starts with reversing overpopulation seriously down to about 1 billion humans. The way people think determines what they procreate.

Therefore we propose that you heavily fund Thoughtware Upgrades for women to higher levels of responsibility. ‘Thoughtware Upgrade’ is very different from ‘education’. Education teaches what to think ABOUT which is already known (and is now known to be ecocidal. How is it a good idea to teach in school what is already not working?). Thoughtware Upgrade supports personal inspection of what one uses to think WITH. How often do you upgrade the APPs in your phone? How often do you upgrade the Thoughtware in your mind? There is incredibly useful new Thoughtware available to use for free and it is all copyleft, open-code thoughtware.

Once women get access to birth control and develop their Nonmaterial Value delivery skills, women either get abortions or have maximum one or two children. The population goes right down. A bright future does NOT include corporations having more Zombie workers, or more customers to please their stockholders. A bright future does NOT include more humans owning more electric cars. Countries that fear losing their tax base to pay VA and retirement benefits can be reorganized around Archan Economics.

Regenerative development is terracentric.

Chapter II. International peace and security

We implement Archan Law.

Archan law is global. There is ‘no opt’ in or ‘opt out’ option. There is no ‘veto’ power granted to any individual or entity. If you are an individual or organization (legal or not) on planet Earth, Archan Law applies to you through Universal Jurisdiction.

Universal jurisdiction allows states or international organizations to claim criminal jurisdiction over an accused person regardless of where the alleged crime was committed, and regardless of the accused’s nationality, country of residence, or any other relation to the prosecuting entity. Crimes prosecuted under universal jurisdiction are considered crimes against all, too serious to tolerate jurisdictional arbitrage. This includes any crime against Gaia’s fragile ecosystems. Universal jurisdiction is therefore closely linked to the idea that some international norms are ‘erga omnes’, or owed to the entire world community, as well as ‘jus cogens’, or binding on all states.

Instead of making war crimes illegal, Archan Law make war illegal. Any government or organization or individual who chooses war over transformation has already rescinded their rights. Irresponsibility is an illusion. That government is dissolved and the country is broken into local-authority nanonations of no more than 1000 inhabitants each, so as to start over closer to the Archan regenerative context, the context of Gaia, the context of healthy complex interrelated ecosystems.

Archan Law recognizes that the so-called ‘rule-of-law’ of the so-called ‘modern civilization’ (capitalist patriarchal empire) is a failed construct leading directly to planetary suicide (ecocide) and near-term human extinction. Therefore, Archan Law asserts that any individual or gameworld continuing to abide by the rule-of-law of modern civilization is criminally insane, and any individual or gameworld defending the rule-of-law of modern civilization has already forfeited their life.

Archan Law includes a ‘Bill of Wrongs’.


1. Forbids modern civilization’s rule of law.

2. Forbids ownership of land.

3. Forbids taxation.

4. Forbids ownership of animal, mineral, or organic resources (so-called ‘natural resources’).

5. Forbids monetizing natural capital.

6. Forbids corporate personhood.

7. Forbids copyright.

8. Forbids patents.

9. Forbids hiring employees, or working as an employee.

10. Forbids hierarchical power structures.

11. Forbids public schools.

12. Forbids win-lose games.

13. Forbids externalizing environmental costs or social costs.

14. Forbids profit.

15. Forbids financial gambling in any form, e.g. health insurance, stocks, trading.

16. Forbids renting money (interest).

17. Forbids paid lobbyists.

18. Forbids paid politicians.

19. Forbids psychopaths from holding any position of power.

20. Forbids absentee ownership (stockholders, landlords, ownership of multiple homes or properties).

21. Forbids brands.

22. Forbids franchises.

23. Forbids toxic wastes and toxic byproducts.

24. Forbids weapons of mass destruction.

25. Forbids armed or armored vehicles (land, sea, air, or space).

26. Forbids any weapon with an effective range over one kilometer.

27. Forbids war. (Instead of ‘war crimes’ being illegal, war is illegal.)

28. Forbids disposables.

29. Forbids beliefs.

30. And forbids lawyers.

The Bill Of Wrongs does not pretend to abide by natural law, because natural law allows parasites, vampires, zombies, ghouls, blackmail, corruption, manipulation, revenge, power over, cancers, disease viruses, survival-of-the-fittest, psychopaths, and ‘acts of God’. And, if you have ever seen a hungry frigate birds snatch up and swallow freshly-hatched baby sea turtles scuttling frantically and defenselessly towards the ocean waves, you know that nature also allows terrorists.

The Bill Of Wrongs thrives through dignified human guardianship (the kaitiaki).

Chapter III. Science, technology and innovation and digital cooperation

We make all science, technology, innovation, art and education copyleft (unable to be copyrighted) with agreed-upon standards for ease of interfacing. This is part of Archan Law. No copyright. Invention is not for creating scarcity to derive the illusion of ‘profit’ for personal gain. Invention is for feeding the Creative Commons, which then feeds everybody. The benefit for the inventor is the process of invention.

Chapter IV. Youth and future generations

Why are adolescents with clarity and energy for regenerative change forced to march in the streets holding up placards only to be attacked with pepper spray in the eyes then beaten and dragged away by corporate-sponsored militia?

We have added a few distinctions to Buckminster Fuller’s declaration: “You do not change things by fighting against the existing gameworlds. You change things by cavitating and inhabiting new gameworlds that make the existing gameworlds irrelevant.” It is the task of the youth to build new gameworlds.

We propose opening gameworld-building Archiarchy Invention Centers (AIC) for thousands if not tens of thousands of youth from around the world to design and inhabit Humanity 3.0. These are non-hierarchical toroidal Teams (circles of circles) thriving in a radical-responsibility context and evolution / transformation purpose, explicitly without any kind of curriculum or controlling board of directors. Rather these AICs start using already existing and readily available new thoughtware resources as a foundation, and then Experiment and Practice from there. AICs are not corporate or politically sponsored ‘think tanks’. These are independent Torus Meeting Technology gameworlds tasked with designing and inhabiting Humanity 3.0: Archiarchy, within a short deadline. We could immediately initiate more than 3000 of these future inventing gameworlds for the price of only one Emergency Supplemental ‘National Security’ Fundings being sent by the United States of America to Ukraine.

Chapter V. Transforming global governance

We propose an immediate shift away from Parliamentary Procedure to global governance through Wisdom Council, Choice Creating, and Dynamic Facilitation from Jim Rough and Tom Atlee. These are already the legal standard in Vorarlberg, Austria. They can be immediately legalized by adding an amendment to any constitution.



Clinton Callahan

Originator of possibilitymanagement.org trainings, author of No Reason and Conscious Feelings, possibilitator, fun-raiser, memetic engineer. clintoncallahan.org