Episode 3: Nick Melvoin, Los Angeles School Board Candidate

Most first-time candidates for elected office do not find themselves running in the most expensive school board race in American history, but Nick Melvoin is looking to unseat Los Angeles’ eight-year incumbent school board president and the race has gotten a ton of attention and become very pricey.

Nick Melvoin

A lifelong Los Angeles resident and former public school teacher in Watts, Nick has made a career fighting against entrenched interests. He even went as far as bringing a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District to protect inner-city teachers and their students.

In the third episode of Next Gen Dem, Nick and I discuss the Democratic position on charter schools, how he stays motivated, what he thinks went wrong in November, and whether Democrats have a policy problem or a messaging problem.

Quote of the episode:

“Be nice to each other. One of the ironies I have found in liberal politics is that we advocate for a world we want to be compassionate, fair and just, and yet our way of getting there — and we saw this in the Democratic primary — is vitiriol and divisiveness. I think if we’re advocating for a world that is compassionate and kind, we should be compassionate and kind as we try to get there.”

For more information on Nick and his campaign, visit his website at www.nickmelvoin.com

As I mention on the podcast, each week I will be featuring an organization that you can get involved with. This week, it’s Resistance School, a free four-session training program to help activists strengthen the skills they need to take collective action and effectively resist the Trump agenda. Resistance School was launched by a group of progressive graduate students at Harvard and it kicks off at 7 p.m. EST on Wednesday, April 5 at the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, MA. Each session will be live-streamed online and recorded for participants to watch with their local groups from anywhere in the country.

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